More About Ethiopian Opal Rings

For over 100 years, the opal has been mined in the lands of Australia offering 95% of the main production of this gorgeous gemstone. The opal mined in Ethiopia entered the jewellery market in 1994 and ever since then has been rooted and is ruling with a great percentage. Many of these opal stones are traded in their natural form while some are even treated. Comparing to the Australian ones, the Ethiopian opals are available in a wider colour range, they are larger in size and are often durable enough to not break or crack easily. The Ethiopian Welo opal rings are a great way you can add the beauty of this vibrant and attractive stone in your jewellery collection. Check our exquisite collection to buy one:

TJC’s Collection of Opal Rings:

Presenting the diversity of the designs and patterns, the collection of Ethiopian opal rings in UK here is perfect for your every need. With the melange of colours displayed in the stone, it is easy to pair it up with any attire, and hence, it makes out for a great jewellery piece. Glance at some of the customer’s favourites below and pick what suits you most:

Halo rings:- Resembling with a blooming flower, the halo makes a very gorgeous and attractive form of ring. It is featured with a central stone, often the main gemstone, which is enclosed with other similar gems, crystals or diamonds around.

Solitaire rings:- Simple and exquisite, the solitaire Ethiopian Welo opal rings are the elegant form of design to feature just one gemstone on top. They are often available in minimal pattern, and hence, can suit on every occasion and on any outfit.

Cocktail rings:- Fancy and regal, no sophisticated occasion is every complete without a cocktail ring in your hand. Crafted in bold theme, often featuring multiple stone or clusters, the cocktail ring can be the best way jewellery type to speak of your taste.

Metal Tones:

Gold tone:- The Ethiopian opal rings in gold can be either crafted from pure gold or the plated one. They glow in the golden hues and look lovely in the traditional collection very elegantly. We have different choices of gold purity made available to you.

Silver tone:- The Ethiopian opal rings in silver tone are crafted from either pure form of platinum or silver of white gold. The sheen of silver tone over any metal surface is always attractive and soothing to see. The texture is often offered with oxidised touch in order to get the vintage vibes in a jewellery piece.

Rose Gold tone:- Offered in this new shade of gold, the rose gold toned rings are very trendy in the market right now. The classic gold here is tinted in slight pink shade to get the rose gold touch. It looks very alluring and contemporary.

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