More About Ethiopian Opal Earrings

The iridescent opals with their wonderful inner fire have become a popular gemstone choice. At first, Australia acted as the main source of Opals, ruling over the market. In 1994, a mine was found in the Wollo Province of Ethiopia. The milky white Ethiopian Welo Opal became a sought-after embellishment in jewellery industry due to its tantalizing lustre and milky texture. The hydrophane gem absorbs water and shines even brighter. The distinctive look of the gemstone made it second none. If you want to up your fashion game, our Ethiopian opal earrings are the ideal choice. We have a large selection of them in our range.

Mesmerising studs for understated looks: Whether it is your office attire, or an event that requires wearing minimalistic jewellery, our Ethiopian opal stud earrings online will do it for you. If you are a true minimalist, the solitaire earrings in our delectable range will suit your taste. Some of our fabulous earrings are offered in silvering silver; some of them are even gold plated for a luxurious appearance. The flawless studs can be paired with your suits to add some femininity to your overall look. The studs rimmed intricately with grains will up your style quotient subtly.

Enthralling dangle for a stunning look: Studs make you elegant and graceful but sometimes you are looking for a pair that can add glamour to your face. The Ethiopian opal dangle earrings will help you here. The head-turning drop earrings in our selection are painstakingly crafted with perfection. The tempting earpieces with multiple tiers of cabbed opals aligning vertically will add more length to your face. If you prefer shorter dangle, go for our two-tier dangles. Want to become the centre of attention? Shop for the exquisite two-toned earrings from this category.

Classic drop for a timeless look: The drop earrings have a static top section ascended by a moving drop at the bottom. The gorgeous Ethiopian opal drop earrings are accented by zircons, intricate grain work, strings and more. If simplicity is your primary concern when accessorising, shine in our sophisticated single opal halo earrings. The accent stones amp up the gleaming shine of the earrings. They are also available with elaborate detailing, which takes your outfit from zero to hero.

Add some fun to your looks with hoops: When you have a pair of Ethiopian opal hoop earrings, you don’t need another piece of jewellery to add style and glam. The cabbed gemstones in varying cuts and sizes are studded on the earrings to create a top-notch design.

The lovely earrings are a desirable gift for October babies. They form a great gift for women on their 14th wedding anniversary. Our opal earrings UK collection showcases opals which are tested for quality. Each of the products listed above undergoes a stringent check below reaching your doorstep. Sterling silver, one of the finest semi-precious metal coveted for its white lustre is used for the creation of the range. It is plated with other metals for a stylish look. All the designs are selected as per the current trends, so you can wear what’s hot in the jewellery market.

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