More About Amethyst Rings

Once regarded as equal in value to ruby, emerald and sapphire, Amethyst – Birthstone of February - is a beautiful gemstone that was an integral part of Egyptians and Greeks’ jewellery in the ancient times. The deep violet hue of this gem has attracted more and more men and women over the centuries and today rings with amethyst are one of the most coveted jewellery items in the UK. And to cater to the rising demand, TJC has put together an extensive array of rings at the most affordable prices.

Our Collection of Amethyst Rings

Designed by skilled artists, our collection features floral, crossover, cluster, solitaire and cocktail rings carefully crafted in Sterling Silver with some designs overlaid with Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum for a luxurious look. These rings are eternal pieces of jewellery, instantly taking the overall look a notch higher with the stone’s pale red-violet to deep violet hues. We also have some exquisite pieces in the Royal Bali collection for the lovers of contemporary jewellery. Come and explore our collection of bestselling amethyst ring designs in UK:

Amethyst Rings in Gold

The mystical and deep colour of amethyst pairs up perfectly with the tones of gold. TJC offers a fabulous and wide selection of these rings that flatter onlookers with their radiance and awe. Available in different tones of gold, we have some statement amethyst rings in the traditional radiance of yellow gold, pristine glamour of white gold, and the darling richness of rose gold. Bringing exquisiteness to you in the best of lays, these remarkable delights will steal your heart in an instant.

Amethyst Rings in Silver

The posh and rich hues of amethyst contrast beautifully with the eternal shine of silver. The two magnetic elements together make for the best ring designs. In fact, our solitaire amethyst rings in silver have been quite the fancy and coveting of countless. We also boast of several other designs that you just cannot miss out on. Our Amethyst heart rings are some of them. We also plate the silver rings to flaunt the sheen of premium metals like gold, platinum, rhodium, and others such.

Amethyst Engagement Rings

The era of diamond engagement rings is now replaced with coloured gemstones. There are several more options available now, with hundreds of designs that not only suit your tastes, but also complement your style. Our selection of engagement rings with amethyst is something just like that. We offer you a stupendous display of several designs that are curated for forever keeps. Our bestselling amethyst engagement rings in white gold have especially garnered the attention of countless, Come and pick the stunner that will make her the happiest woman on this planet.

Amethyst and Diamond Rings

The bold and deep hues of amethyst look idyllic when they’re paired with the majestic sparkle of diamonds. Our beautiful rings in this category have gained countless admirers. Fashioned in several different designs, like halo rings, trilogy rings, heart rings, and more, these two gems make the best accompaniments for eternally leading fashion choices. Do not forget to explore our array of amethyst and diamond rings in yellow gold, as they’ve been the centre of all attention!

Why Choose TJC?

Shopping for online amethyst rings in UK is done best when it is done with us and we have all the reasons of claiming that. We offer you the best reasons below:

High-Grade Quality

One of the biggest reasons is our elite grade and quality. We at TJC believe in mining our own gemstones, which lets us offer only the best class of gem to you. With our real amethyst rings, you’ll never be disappointed or amiss.

Low Prices

Another reason for you to come pick us has to do with our pricing. We offer you affordable amethyst rings online, which fit beautifully within your planned budget. Make trends in ways that your pockets will love!

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