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More About Amethyst Bangles

The magical charm of the loving hues in these amethyst bangles brings up your flair. Studded with the mighty jewels, the bangles in our collection have an oozing element of brilliance. Sourced out of geodes, these little gems of delight have a stunning appeal and allure when paired with delicate and sublime designs. Come and take a look at the endless selection we have put together, exclusively cast to mould your tastes.

The cheerful lilac hues of amethyst are known and loved through-out the world of jewellery. Casting an excellent hint of blinding glitter, these stones have crystal clarity. These are also the features that make the stone so covetable and loved. Imagine a jewellery so boastful and rich, flaunting the blinding glamour and swathing colour. Isn’t it a swoon-worthy sight? Well, now you can have it, all with our bestselling amethyst bangles. Come and look at the range.

The Healing Benefits of Amethyst

Known to be the birthstone of February, amethyst is also called the “gem of fire.” It is known to carry passion and relentless energy and perhaps that’s the reason why it is used by healers to ward off negativity. It is also believed that amethyst can control and prevent the wearer from intoxication, and for the same reason Roman nobles embellished it in their chalices. Amethyst bangles made an appearance from then on.

As for the healing benefits of amethyst, it is a powerful stone. It has high metaphysical strength and aids the wearer in reaching a superior meditative state. It also is known to be the stone of the Third or the Eye chakra, which means that till an extent, it makes you strongly intuitive and almost psychic.

Our Range of Amethyst Bangles

We offer and unparalleled richness when it comes to the variety of amethyst bangles. With an illustrious affair, there treasuring gems look entrancingly perfect glittering at the wrists. Our priceless collection offers you some truly stunning pieces that will grab and turn the appreciative attention at you. From simple and minimal treats to luxurious grandeur, there’s nothing that we’ve left out. We have factored in all your style and fashion requirements and moulded designs to suit the same.

TJC is known and acknowledged place to shop for authentic and genuine amethyst bangles. We source our gems straight from the geodes and offer you uniqueness in the authenticity. Rest assured that your bangle design will hold all the remarkable charm and beyond.

Why Choose TJC?

Among the plenty and various other reasons, the biggest you can rely on is our authenticity. We take pride in knowing and believing that we have a posh and high class of real amethyst bangles online in UK. With genuine crystal clarity and luxurious colour grading, the stones are mined directly from the geodes and/or mines.

The other benefit is that we eliminate the need of middlemen. It profits you because it allows us to bring down the prices and offer you affordable amethyst bangles.

But, this isn’t where your shopping spree ends. We have so much to offer than just amethyst bangles in UK. Come and explore the endlessly scoping horizon where you’ll find stunning rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and so much more.

Happy shopping!

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