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More About 18 Inch Chains


Whenever you enter a jewellery store to buy a chain or necklace, the first you get asked by the store owner is "What length of chain would suit you?

By sharing this piece of information, we turn your attention towards the fact that how vital a chain's length is in the aspect of buying a chain that you so much desire.

18-inch long is the second-longest chain length in the classification of chain lengths. From in people's perspective, the most suitable chain length, numbers suggest this. So, let us get into more details about this most sought-after chain length.

What is 18-inch length called?

Matinee length is the name by which jewellery lovers know this chain length. Matinee length in actual covers 18-inch to 24-inch but the initiator of this pack grabs people's attention more than any other in the category.

Matinee length of 18-inch sits around your collarbone and enhances all the apparel that you decide to put on. The only downside of this chain length would be that it does not layer on its own. Since the length is small, you need to throw in other pieces of jewellery if you are in the mood for layering.

TJC’s 18-Inch Chain Types

Metals used by the creator in carving out an 18-inch long chain are as important as any other factor involved. Metals have the ability to enhance the striking length that we are mentioning in this blog.

There are a limited amount of metals that are used across the globe by designers and at TJC we have the best of the best designer chains in various designs and metals.

  • You can judge by the price of the 18-inch chains in 950 Platinum in our collection that Platinum is the most expensive metal used in the creation of chains.
  • Classiness and royalty are offered to the 18-inch chains by the use of Yellow Gold in various carats.
  • 9K White Gold holds its own importance amongst the colossal shimmers of Platinum and Yellow Gold by offering a white glossy shimmer that is audacious.
  • Rose Gold metal used in the chains adds a feminine touch that intensifies the beauty of all women that adorn chains made out of it.
  • The last metal on this list would be sterling silver that offers a sturdy and silvery shine to the class of 18-inch chains
TJC Collection of Online 18-Inch Chains

TJC takes great pride in having a plethora of jewellery pieces for its customers from which they can select that elevates their personality. An 18-inches chain is one area where TJC has stock in abundance. So, let us have a look at it.

  • Rambo Chain
  • Curb Chain
  • Spiga Chain
  • Anchor Chain
  • Figaro Chain

And many more!

Wrapping Up

We hope that this piece of information that we designed for you would have helped you identify if 18-inch chains in UK are suited for you or not. If the answer is yes then we would suggest you go and have a closer look at TJC's collection of these stunning chains. We are certain that you will come across a piece that you have been looking for months.

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