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More About 16 Inch Chains


If you are a jewellery lover then you would definitely agree with the fact that your love for wearing a piece of jewellery and selecting the one that suits you are two opposite ends of the same spectrum. People invest hours and hours of their time in picking a piece of jewellery that suits that style. And this trend is predominant in the case of selecting chain lengths that suit your necklace.

In this article, we will throw some light on the smallest of the chain's length that is the 16-inch chain length, and assist you in making it look more sumptuous across your neckline.

What are 16-inch chains called?

The length of 16 inches in chains is called the Choker length. Choker chain sits tightly against the base of your throat and its ability to enhance almost all kinds of dresses makes it even more audacious.

Since the length of a 16-inch chain is not too long, layering of jewellery would not be possible with this chain length.

Types of Choker Chains with TJC

The type and quality of metal one are utilizing in creating chains plays an integral part in defining the look and longevity of chains overall. Since we are discussing 16-inch chains, it would be beneficial to have a look at TJC's collection of 16-inch chains in various metals.

We, at TJC, have a collection of

  • 16-inch chains made up of various links in Sterling silver offer a mesmerizing silver shine that can encapsulate any person.
  • The yellow Gold metal used to create 16-inch chains offers them a classic gold shimmer that makes the wearer look all the more classy.
  • 16-inch chains in our TJC collection made of Rose Gold metal gives out a cute pink blush vibe to the wearer.
  • White Gold metal used in the creation of 16-inch chains makes them look mesmerizing in the stunning white gloss of its.
  • Platinum metal is the most costly of all the metals which through its price and quality enhances the reflective quality and class of 16-inch chains.
  • TJC Collection of 16 Inch Chains Online

    TJC is well-renowned not only for the quality of jewellery that it offers but also for its wide array of jewellery pieces that it has in store for its customers.

    So, TJC has a broad collection of the said chains in various shapes and designs that could definitely interest you. Some of the popular designs with TJC are:

    • Curb Chains
    • Figaro Chains
    • Anchor Chains
    • Spiga Chains
    Wrapping Up

    Through this piece of content, we hope that you would have gained some vital information regarding choker chains. Chains play a key role in defining your style and personality and if you have decided that 16 inch chains in UK are your type then you visit TJC's website to buy the best of the lot.

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