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This world has witnessed major and revolutionary changes since the ancient eras. Language, fashion, culture, everything has got change in this new and modern world. But one thing that has remained unchanged is the love and designs of jewellery. Since time immemorial human beings are adorning themselves by beautiful pieces of jewels. Indians, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, British, French, and many more, they all valued and worshipped jewellery.

Jewellery is a very important part of any man and especially a woman’s wardrobe. And why not, they add to the class, beauty, charisma, and status of any person. As per the studies, jewellery is the most third most expensive item people buy after homes and cars. With the digitalisation of the world, buying jewellery is not confined to jewellery stores, but jewellery has paved their way to online jewellery stores. You get the innumerable option of jewellery online as compared to the physical stores where the options are limited for you.

TJC's Online Only Jewellery Collection by Price

TJC's online only jewellery collection will offer you a unique assortment of beautiful styles, designs, inspiration, and art used in crafting the most exquisite pieces of jewellery. Our team of designers have researched, studied, and took inspiration from various cultures, countries, art styles of various regions of the earth to design the most brilliant pieces of jewellery and accessory. TJC's rich collection makes available infinite choices of accessories to make your engagement and wedding special and unforgettable. Not only special events, but we have also got funky, trendy and stylish jewellery for your casual, formal, and holiday look.

Under £10 Online Jewellery Collection

TJC has got an ultimate collection of value for money accessories that are made available to you at pocket-friendly prices without compromising with the design and quality of jewellery. Your fingers will get tired from scrolling but our range of Under £10 online jewellery will not end. We have used a beautiful assortment of gemstones of dazzling colours that will beautify your look. This collection features various designs of earrings, rings, bracelets, pendant, brooch, chain, bangle, anklet, necklace, etc.

Under £20 Online Jewellery Collection

TJC's Under £20 jewellery will add drama and some beautiful visual of colours to your look. We have fused the unique designs with the sparkling beauty gorgeous gemstones. You will find an enormous range of vibrant, chic, funky, trendy, and beaded accessories. This range of jewellery will give you a lot of options to get a top-notch party and anytime look. This collection offers you, different designs of rings, earrings, bracelets, pendant, chain, bangle, necklace, sets of jewellery etc.

Under £30 Online Jewellery Collection

If you are an ultimate lover of jewellery, then TJC's Under £30 online jewellery will be a delightful treat to you. Our designers have designed jewellery with great love and affection. These accessories carry a hidden meaning with themselves. They are inspired by the beliefs of various culture. This jewellery is not just a decorative item but an accessory that reflects your soul. Our beautiful collection gives you an impressive choice of designer rings, pendant, locket, necklace, chain, bangle and much more

Premium Online Jewellery Range

Whether you are in love with the shimmer of diamonds, or colour of ruby, or the serenity of pearls or royalty of tanzanite, our jewellery collection has covered all gemstones you can remember. TJC' s premium online jewellery collection presents you with a wide range of jewels styled in precious metals like platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold to semi-precious metals like silver, platinum-plated silver, rhodium-plated silver.

Why Choose TJC?

TJC is one brand that has its roots estranged with jewellery. It offers the most stylish, fashionable, antique, contemporary, classic, Art deco style, chic, and value for money collection of jewellery online in UK. Our designers offer you the most beautiful theme-style jewels enhanced by the most unique are rarest gemstones. We offer you premium quality products available in every prince range allowing you to shop for every occasion.