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More About Jewellery for Special Occasion

Some moments in your loved one’s life can become the most cherished memories in future. What can be better than giving them something that will last forever and bring them sweet memories of the past? To capture those life-changing milestones of your loved one in a physical form we have created a special occasion jewellery collection online. Even if you aren’t aware of what your loved ones find desirable, you can buy a gift that will remain close to their heart forever!

Bringing Joy and Happiness on Birthdays

Whether you are a child or a middle-aged woman, the excitement on the day of birthday to receive a gift and birthday wishes from the people you love never lessens. Same holds true for your friends and family. In this section, you will find occasion jewellery gifts in UK suiting every budget. From artistic pieces that will instantly align with their personal style to endearing design that children feel drawn to, we have birthday gifts for people of all ages. Is your niece turning 10 this year? Our understated beaded bracelets and dainty earrings covered in enticing gemstone make a great for her. Are you going to meet your grandfather on his birthday? He already has everything you can possibly gift and now you can’t decide what to buy. Don’t worry we have plenty of gift ideas for you. A small token of love such as our grandfather charm will certainly overwhelm him with happiness and love.

Remembering the Deceased Loved One

The dying of a person who was always with you during the thick and thin can be devastating especially if you had spent a lot of time together. Sometimes to console yourself you need a little something that belonged to them. For that purpose, we created a wonderful selection of memorial jewellery. Some of them are engraved with meaningful quotes and thoughtful messages that revive their happy memories in your heart. Most of the memorial pieces such as necklaces, pendants and bracelets have an empty space. Here you can pour the ashes, hair or any minuscule-sized belonging of the deceased loved one with the funnel and needle offered with them. To honour the death of your loved one, they come in angelic shapes. Flying heart, wings, cross and more, these silhouettes subtly convey their divine ascension and comfort you during the weak moments.

Entering the Sacred Path

One of the most important religious ceremonies in any child’s life is christening followed by Baptism. The naming of the child can be one of the most important events not only in his life, but for his relatives, friends and family as well. Although he may be only a few months grow, you can still give him a present that he would love to wear as he grows with our cute creature-inspired jewellery pieces. The infant in your family is no less than a star, isn’t she? So, we have created numerous designs inspired by star, moon and other celestial bodies in our constellation collection. On the other hand, for Baptism, that might take place at a later stage, you can pick any of our bright and cheerful designs studded with colourful crystals, zircons and even gemstones!

Celebrating Togetherness

Are you completing another year of your marriage in the coming week? She might be already guessing what gift you are going to buy her. No matter how old she grows, she will never cease to love jewellery. Is she not into accessories? Then, we bet the seductive perfumes in our anniversary gift section will bring a broad smile on her face. Soothing pearls, rare gemstones like tanzanite, diamonds, rubies and whatnot, every beautiful embellishment she craves to wear adorns our jewellery range.

If you are a woman overpowered by his heart-touching gestures, you might be thinking of gifting your partner something on your upcoming anniversary. If bling is not his thing, don’t worry! The manly timepieces and perfumes in our wedding anniversary collection will stand up to his expectation.

Giving Wings to Your Kid’s Imagination

You can’t deny the fact that the love for jewellery and other accessories begin to ingrain itself in us right from childhood. You can still recall the day you tried some of your mum’s jewellery in front of the mirror. The children have an innate charm, their little hands and cute face doesn’t need any bling to look pretty. However, if she has already started wondering what her options are when it comes to accessorising, this might be the best time to give her something of real value. Our gifts for children section have dainty yet sublime jewellery pieces made from metal like sterling silver, gold and platinum that will never be harsh to her skin.

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