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Winter season calls for new home décor with cushion covers and throws, pillows, throw blankets and rugs to make a space feel homely. Our collection of coy home items will lend a relaxed aesthetic look to your place. One can quickly transform the room's feel and look by adding and upgrading the new season's cosy home products.

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We here at the TJC have handwoven printed and colourful blankets, throws and rigs in various sizes, colours and shapes to help you give a cosy and more live-in look. Likewise, we have vivid shapes and sizes of soft rugs in solid colours, prints, and patterns that give them a modern and prosperous look.

Not only these, but we have also knitted or machine-made throws and cushions with unique prints and patterns to complement the look. In addition, we have knitted viscose or polyester blankets that can be used in multiple ways. You can give your home a chic boho or modern look with a stylish cushion cover design.

The Kate Meritt blankets and throws are available in various prints and patterns. We not only have blankets but also have special pricing and patterns rugs, comforter, quilts, bedsheets, etc. One can use them while lying on a soft couch, or try them on a sofa for a cosy and warm feel.

The items are made of mixed fabric like 100% cotton, 100% viscose, woven fabric or wool. One can use it in different seasons, and it is lightweight to be used in cool air conditions. From delightful prints and patterns to subtle solid colours, we have it all for you to elevate the look of your home with our varied range of products. There are several other parameters you look into, like textures, motifs, hues, styles, designs and fabric. So you can use these trendy items from cosy home to complement the look.

Brighten your doorways with chic and modern cosy home items that are appealing and keep you warm and cosy on chilly days. Our collection will elevate the look of your personal or official space and give a lively touch. It will provide a wow factor to your home while retaining the festivity vibe of the place, making TJC Cosy Home your go-to place to shop for soft, comfortable, warm and cosy items.