Kimberley Basran Presenter at TJC

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Kimberley Basran

Kimberley began her jewellery career over a decade ago. She devoted time to research and educate herself all things gemstones and jewellery. By doing this she gained a wealth of knowledge, including training with the GIA, and became an accredited jewellery professional. This, along with her enthusiasm, hard work and persistence took her career to the next level and took her all over the world representing some of the most prestigious brands in the business. Kimberley's experience ranges from voiceovers, live and pre-recorded television experience and presenting radio. Her first love will always be jewellery and gemstones, but beauty, health and lifestyle are other sectors of which kimberley has an extensive knowledge and passion for. Kimberley's favourite gemstones range from Columbian emeralds, alexandrites, and Paraiba tourmalines but she loves to wear amethysts, kunzites and sapphires with the right outfit. She is a great believer that jewellery can change your mood, your whole look and your day!

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