More About Loose Gemstones

Want to own a precious or semi-precious gemstone? Are you looking for an heirloom stone to pass on? Here is a great chance to get yourself and your loved ones a gem to stay close to the heart. Each with a glorious story to tell, the stones are available in various shapes and sizes, with different carat weights. If you are confused with the vast selection, we can help you find the right set of loose gemstones online, right here:

TJC’s Collection of Loose Gemstones:

With Tanzanite winning the hearts of many, we have a vast range of blue and other coloured stones in the loose form. Tanzanite is rare due to the availability and with no future promises can be an heirloom to keep and pass on to the generations. Each loose gemstone for sale here has similar beautiful tales to recite and speak volumes of your choice, the gems in here are rare, special, and unique. There are numerous things to consider when buying any loose cut gemstones. You might want to consider the four Cs:

• Carat:- This term is used to indicate the weight of the gemstone. The regular representation of carats is in the form of points. For example, one carat is estimated to be 100 points. Some gems have diverse thicknesses, which can affect the size per caret.

• Cut:- The cut is often confused with the shape of the gemstone. Shapes specify whether the gem is a rectangle, oval, triangle, baguette, pear or marquise. The cut describes how the stone is cut into facets or sides. The faceting gives the stone a unique depth, while its sharp edges capture the light. Some of the most popular cuts include brilliant, princess, asscher and so on.

• Clarity:- The clarity of a gem is defined by the number of inclusions, also called flaws, within the stone. The inclusions can be seen in many ways, some spotted by the experts using magnifiers while some from the naked eyes. The gemstones with less or fewer inclusions and breaching close to perfection are priced higher than the ones with some visible inclusions.

• Colour:- The world of stones and gems is diverse and rich in colours. You can spot enhanced gemstones along with a wide range of treated stone. Colour treatments can include the use of high heat, dye, oil or resin infusions, surface treatments and coatings, and laser treatments to amplify the colour and give them an exceptional vibrance.

Why Choose TJC?

Providing you with one of the best options of loose gemstones in UK, TJC is the home of stones, and if you are looking for loose Tanzanite for sale, we have some of the finest specimens in our collection, Take a peek in here, and we promise to offer you the best of their raw quality and form.