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More About Twilight Collection

The illustrious beauty of the twilight has been the muse of many artists. Merging days and picturesque lights come beautifully portrayed in our collection, aptly named the Twilight Collection. As the cheer of day meets silence of the night, we’ve stolen that exact moment and set it in our jewellery. Find some note-worthy pieces that will transform your styling sense. Look into our collection to find a piece that’s made exclusively for you.

What is the Twilight Collection?

As we’ve already established, the collection features the magic of when the night silence meets the liveliness of days. Our pieces come embellished with noted and divine diamonds in blue and white colour. While blue is the colour of peaceful night, white is borrowed for the glory of days. Find the idyllic picture portrayed beautifully in our selection.

Our Collection

At TJC, we have researched analysed your choices. We bring you an unmatched collection of the best jewellery, which is individually crafted to suit your tastes. Ranging from choices that love something minimal and simple, our array continues to range till the extravagant selections. Find just what you’re looking for, which reflects you. Below are some lines that comes under the Twilight Collection.


Simple treats and divine designs form the best earrings. Embellished with vivacious white and solid blue diamonds, our styles of earrings bring you richness paired excellently with gorgeous designs. The earrings in our array have minimalism crafted to suit the simple and posh tastes. Elegant designs accompany the faint glitter wonderfully.


The mystifying beauty and grace of the merging time has been sculpted to nestle gracefully at the base of your neck. Our illustrious pendants let you peek into what swoon-worthy glamour looks like. The beautiful colour contrast looks lovely with the artwork of designs. Find your favourite piece among the many.


We’ve cast the tranquil beauty of the twilight and moulded it into darling ring designs. The sublime fixes of our rings highlight your poise and grace in the best way. The precious glitter and stately designs of our beauties have captured the interest of countless. And now they can be all yours for the keeps. Just select the style that you like the most.

Our new and bright Twilight Collection is all set to win hearts and steal the appreciation. Clasp on the designs that wow you and be the centre of all the attention. Let our diamonds do all the talking for you as you sway in the vitreous magic of our pieces.

Get more from countless collections at TJC and make online jewellery shopping a marvellous experience. Bring in the dazzle that suits your personal sense of style, for prices that you won’t see anywhere else in the market. With the best of everything, we’re here to deliver joy. Happy shopping!

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