Spectrolite Jewellery

Known to be a rare variety of Labradorite, Spectrolite is rich in the play of exuberant colours. With entrancing and darling hues, the quality of the stone is unmatched in terms of uniqueness in shapes and forms. [Read More]

More About Spectrolite

Streaked with hypnotizing colours on dark backgrounds, Spectrolites make the best jewellery collectable for any person who wants to make a meaningful message with the adornment. Exhibiting metallic tints of violet, blue, and green, the stone is brittle in nature. It also ranks 6-.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness.

If we go back to the history of the stone, it was first found in the Labrador Peninsula, in the eastern part of Canada, during 1770. There are some other varieties of Labrador that can be found in India, Madagascar, Mexico, and United States, but this particular kind is predominantly known to be found in Finland.

There are a lot of characteristics and rare qualities that make Spectrolite so efficiently special. The one that stands out the most is the iridescent metallic streaking found in the stone. With the rich and flourishing colours like blue, green, and violet, the ambience exuded by the stone is calming and enriching. Other than that, the jewellery made of the embellishment of Spectrolite proves to be widely versatile, given the array of dark and enchanting colours found in it.

At TJC, we believe to present not only stunning jewellery pieces, but also adornments that leave a mark on the world. Spectrolite is not just aesthetically captivating, but it also harbours healing properties. It is excellent and one of the most used stones by the healers as it flourishes the inner chakras with positivity and rejuvenation of aura. Many people believe and give it credit to be a blessed stone, which stimulates good sleep and dreams, luck, love, creativity, self-esteem, et cetera. There are several tribes across the globe, which regard it to develop self-confidence in an individual along with improving the state of the metabolism.

The stone originates from Finland, which is the main source. Other places where it can be found are India, Madagascar, Russia, and Newfoundland. Spectrolite jewellery has forever been among the most coveted adornments to be fashioned. The uniquely compelling appeal of the stone makes it a versatile fit for all kinds of ensembles. Whether the setting is in gold, silver, or platinum, Spectrolite enhances your glamour tenfold. You’re in sheer luck as TJC displays a wide and cherishing array of jewellery pieces that are embellished with the said stone. Find a complete range of rings, earrings, pendants, and more studded with the iridescent and alluring Spectrolite.

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