More About Quartz Pendants

Quartz is a stone that has been deemed popular, loved, and coveted for its grand colour show. Available in a whole fabulous assortment, this stone has a picture-perfect idealisation for your dainty style. In our collection of pendants, we offer you a wide and scoping class of designs that would suit well with your varied tastes. Ranging from simple minimalism, our open range also promises you chunky and bold pieces. You’re just a scroll away from exploring, so hurry.

The animated and intoxicating hues of the said stone are hypnotizing enough to gain the admiring and appreciative attention of many. And when the colours are paired with faceted brilliance that glitters off every surface, the jewellery piece you have will create wonders on the crowd. Our selection of pendants has a uniquely magical enigma that you won’t find anywhere else. Browse through our selection to know more.

Our Range of Quartz Pendants

With a promising lushness and inspirational grace, our clear quartz crystal pendants have captured the fancy of many. Our well-thought-out designs and incredible range of options let you peek into what rich diversity looks like. Browse below some of the more popular quartz pendants in UK that have made rounds of fame and name:

Quartz Solitaire Pendants

Quartz, even as single stone, has an exceptional magic swathing it. Filled with high-grade lustre and unbelievable colour animation, the stone makes for the best and loved solitaire pendants. The ones in our selection offer you a glinting passion-filled colour promise that looks unique and stunning at the base of your neck. Pair them up with the matching chains in our catalogue.

Quartz Halo Pendants

Another category that we promise lets you see our selection in a sacred being. Our halo pendants flaunt the embellishment of a massive and wondrous quartz right at the centre, with a thin and elegant bail of other equally precious stone surrounding it.

Quartz Statement Pendants

When we say “statement pendants” we mean to include all the pieces that have been seen and noticed as the trailblazers. We host some mesmerizing and coveted designs that will definitely rob you of your breath. In fact, our quartz pendants in gold (yellow, rose, and white,) platinum, silver, and more keep offering you lush delights in a steady stream. One of our more demanded selection offers you the best rose quartz pendants in UK.

Why TJC?

When you’re out for shopping quartz pendants online in UK, there’s a lot you ought to know. TJC is the best name to put your trust and the “why” is answered below:

High-grade Quality

At TJC, we believe in offering you the best and that is why we source our gems straight from the mines. This allows us to offer you the best quality there is and lets you rest assured that you’re looking at only the genuine quartz pendants.

Low Price

Another benefit of sourcing the gems straight from the mines is that we eliminate the need of middlemen, which lets us lower the price. It’s why we offer you the best class of uncompromised and affordable quartz pendants.

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