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More About Mojave Turquoise Jewellery

The unparalleled beauty of Turquoise has taken the world by storm. Turquoise has been held in high regard from ages now and time and again it has found its respected place in the world of gem and jewellery. The new and most popular in this category comes as Mojave Turquoise. It is intriguing and looks absolutely stunning from the first glance. One-of-a-kind, this vibrant coloured gem is present in the shades of purple, green, blue and orange with copper coloured veining.

No wonder the magnificence of this rare gem is making all the waves in the fashion and gem industry.

It is equally exciting how this bewitching stone is crafted? Being the only product in the market that uses real Arizona turquoise and real metal matrix, the curiosity rises to the zenith. The widely popular Mojave turquoise is crafted using a hydraulic press that assembles tiny turquoise nuggets using a bronze metal matrix throughout the brick of base turquoise. Once the turquoise is assembled, it is further stabilised to harden the stone.

TJC unleashes an array of Mojave turquoise jewellery to add the right amount of colour and accents in your life.

Mojave Turquoise Rings

This recently popped gem in the jewellery world is settling in to make a noise well heard. The Mojave turquoise ring represents the glory of beautiful hues of purple, green, purple and orange set expertly into a ring by a force of expert craftsmen. A ring in this gem takes the eyes from the first look and add the right impression to your oh-so-normal style.

Mojave Turquoise Earrings

Give your ears some drama decked like a star in Mojave turquoise earrings. Shoulder-grazing earrings are the quintessential elements any woman would desire to have and these small wonders whet their desires. Enhance your treasure trove collection with such eclectic pieces for turning heads wherever you head.

Mojave Turquoise Pendants

It’s mandatory to have at least one statement-making pendant to brace your neck. Bringing to you one such piece is definitely a Mojave turquoise pendant. Unique yet dazzling, there is no better way to accentuate your look choosing from a highly sought after repertoire of these pendants.

Mojave Turquoise bracelets

Accent your arms in the right hues, and of course, in the right bling. TJC's endeavour to make your jewellery journey pleasant and memorable cannot be completed without this enchanting gem and the bracelets so crafted calls for an unmatched charm. Up your bling quotient imbibing some turquoise elements, and we guess Mojave turquoise jewellery would be the unsurmountable choice.

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