More About Malachite Jewellery

Exotic and hypnotizing green streaked with milky white, malachite is a gem that has been known for its rare construct. Enriched with shades of green that come from the depths of forests, these smoothened gems look fabulous flaunted with your style. We present to you some priceless stunners that have a contemporary design with a hint of modern. Give your flair fitting company and jewels, and shop from our collection.

Malachite Jewellery online, as rare as it might be, is also equally treasured. Boasting of patterns that are rarely found naturally, the gem is a true picturesque sight. Our designs bring you prized and rare natural malachite jewellery that will bring you all the compliments. Come and explore the fabulously vast and wide array that we have assorted for you. Pick from the bestselling range mentioned below:

Our Collection of Malachite Jewellery

Wear the stunning greens encased in absolutely darling designs. Our range brings you malachite jewellery in UK that you won’t have seen anywhere else. Appropriate for the requirements of all occasions and moods, these jewellery picks will bring you fashion that’s one of a kind. Fine your perfect ring, pendant, earrings, or more below:

Malachite Ring

Smoothened and polished to perfection, flaunting mesmerising hues and translucent white streaks, the stone looks idyllic when it’s flaunted with your flair. We combine rich luxury of this cabochon gem with the artistic details spun by our artisans, resulting in ring designs that are simply gorgeous. Solitaire, three stone, or with enamelling, we have something for every single of your tastes.

Malachite Earrings

Clasp on the coloured excellence of this stone at your ears and get complimented for your unique taste in rare styles. This stone makes for the most beautiful designs and patterns of earrings. Simple studs or delicate drops, we’ve assorted all things ravishing for you. This range is loved by everyone who looks, so don’t miss it out.

Malachite Pendants

The grace of these pendant designs is unparalleled. We’ve put together awe-inspiring outlays made to fit the entrancing hues and streaks found on the stone. These malachite pendant necklaces will transform your style in the best of ways. Come and explore all the different styles that we have collected for you, from the simple stateliness of solitaires to the delicacy of dangling beauties.

Why Choose TJC?

Shopping for online malachite jewellery in UK is done perfectly when it’s done with us. We say so because we have collected a range so unique and fabulous that it will steal your hearts at the first glance. But that’s not all that we have to offer. We also promise a fantastic range of real malachite jewellery online. These pieces offer you the best possible grade of the stone, being sourced directly from their mines.

Other than that, we also bring you a budget that you’re going to love. Our selection of affordable malachite jewellery designs keeps well within your plan budget and brings you an ideal value for your buck.