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More About Larimar Jewellery

The gorgeously blue hued larimar gemstone is also called Stefilia’s gemstone. It is a true blue coloured gemstone that is said to possess divine powers and having some mystical benefits. Found in the Caribbean, this gemstone spells of pastel hues beautifully marvelled to a masterpiece by the ace craftsmen at TJC.

A woman shares a close knitted bond with her jewellery that she embraces her lifetime and we drive on the same road to curate most sought after jewellery to empower her. Larimar jewellery is surreal to see and we have managed to design some gorgeous pieces for the discerning woman in the UK.

Larimar Rings

Diamond has their own glory but some gemstones try to conquer that glory with the hues they dissipate. Talking about larimar rings at TJC, it is definitely a sight to behold. Fashioned with the best of larimar stones and settled with sterling silver, gold or platinum and respective overlays, the rings are no less than a glory to flaunt wherever you head.

Larimar Earrings

Head on to witness a collection of larimar earrings that is all points’ beauty. The sparkling earrings with the concoction of diamond and larimar stone call for a jewel to take back home. Not only this, the ethereal collection has everything to offer for your formal to party needs and in fact for times when you have to play chic to stunning.

Larimar Pendants

Gift your love a beauty that this light blue stone possess. A larimar pendant stunningly complements with that plunging neckline and oozes out the look. Set in precious metal and platinum, silver or gold overlay, these pendants are spectacular to adorn.

Larimar Necklace

Make way for only BEAUTY, when you walk the world wearing a dazzling larimar necklace. The simplicity it spells off to the drop dead gorgeous curation it boasts of, having a larimar necklace will only embrace your jewellery collection.

Get on the gears ladies, and make sure to empower yourself with a stunning collection of larimar jewellery from TJC because you can make head turns.

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