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More About Jade Earrings

Boasting a fine selection of the most mesmerizing colours, jade has been one of the most favoured stones of all connoisseurs and appreciators of fine jewellery. To give more credit and claim to that statement, we have brought you a spectacular collection of the finest jade earrings designs. Clasp on the unbridled passion of the enigmatic colours, with TJC’s rich and promising range.

Jade is a stone available in the whole spectrum of colours and that is exactly what makes it so sought-after and in-demand. Shining its brightest in cabochons of the different shapes, this stone has an appearance like no other. The glistening polished façade makes it a perfect fit for all sorts of earrings, when paired with the cheery and bright colours. Not just jade, but our divine range also promises the brightness of this gem paired with the thrill of other stones like Boi Ploi Black Spinel, Turquoise, Zircon, et cetera.

Our refined selection promises you:

Stud earrings: The single-stone charm and magic of jade earrings casts a spell of eloquent stateliness when you clasp them on. With their minimal approach, simple stud earrings are the most versatile fixtures you’ll have in your box.

Chandelier-inspired earrings: If you’re looking for extravagance in its most delightful form, then this is where you need to be. With awing falls and intricate detailing, our chandelier-inspired earrings are all about affluent glamour.

Climber earrings: The recent trendsetter that have taken the fashion world by storm, climber earrings are all about grand, picturesque beauties. With their larger appearances, they look like a behemoth glamour quotient fixed on the shell of your ears. Jade earrings of that sort have made quite a few rounds on fame, as of late. So, don’t forget to get yourself one of them.

Drop earrings: Simple elegant drops are sometimes all you need to add grace to your ensemble. And that is exactly what we’re delivering. With our jade earrings in form of drops, we are giving you a gateway of bright and cheery staples!

Here at TJC, we have an entire collection waiting just for you. In fact, we also boast a collection of Chinese characters works, denoting happiness and luck. Browse through the entirety of our blissful collection and garner all the appreciation and praises that there are! We also portray some of our finest works in the engraved jade collection of earrings, where you’ll find fine and skilled work chiselled on the cabochons, making them more enticing than ever!

Don’t let your shopping spree end here at jade earrings. We have so much more to offer you, with our wide-scoping and encompassing jewellery ranges. We have collected and presented the finest designs of rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and a lot more for you to choose from. So, come on and take a look at all that’s trending, only and exclusively at TJC! Happy Shopping!

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