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More About Isabella Liu

An artist by heart, Isabella is a known jewellery designer, hailing from Wuhan, China. Now settled in London, Isabella has given the world some fabulous masterpieces in the name of designs. She has also been awarded the prestigious three gold and two silver awards, called “Jewellery Oscars” at Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Awards, in the year 2015. Her gorgeous works also got her the Editor’s Choice Award IJL for creative Originality, back in 2017.

Isabella believes in focusing on the creative process more than the final result. She believes that if more concentration and love is shown to the pieces in the process, the outcome is going to extraordinary. Other than that, she honours the code of professionalism, passion, and power.

She begun her path when she trained for oil painting. She then moved to jewellery industry and has been working and delivering beauties for 8 years now. Most of her pieces have been inspired by things are close to her heart.

Isabella Liu Jewellery Designs

Isabella perfects each jewellery design with a personal touch. Her jewellery ideas root from a spot in her heart, it sometimes is a part of her own personal history, too. She beautifully portrays her own strength and inner beauty in her designs. She also incorporates some part of her Chinese heritage in her features, in soft tones. Here are mentioned some of her more popular lines:

Sea Rhyme Collection

Inspired from the gentle laps and peace of the ocean, this collection brings some powerful designs. This collection has been inspired from the sounds of flowing and moving water, represented beautifully with curves and waves. Isabella finds her own inner power reflected in the vastness of ocean and feels that many women would also find it equally moving. Each piece of jewellery in this collection captures a small bead of Mother of Shell Pearl, which upon movement sounds like gentle waves clashing on the shore.

Twilight Collection

Inspired by the beauty and power of Moon Goddess, this collection is made for all the powerful women out there. It celebrates love, holding the beauty and energy of the Moon Goddess within! Isabella has sought inspiration from the different phases of moon that represent the different phases of life for every woman. In this collection, you will find crescent, full, and waning moon. On a personal level, Isabella finds her own reflection of hidden emotions, desires, dreams, and hope in the designs she has presented.

Butterfly Collection

A true tale of love and passion has been beautifully portrayed in this collection. The collection presents beautiful designs with pairs of butterflies, each representing the beauty of nature and telling a narrative of a love story. The age-old tale of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai – Chinese Romeo and Juliet – has been shown in her designs, where she always pairs seen butterfly silhouettes in flight together, never to be separated again. The designs of this collection will be made in rhodium-plated silver with the embellishment of jade and Mother of Pearl.