More About Iliana Pendants

Pendants are the stars for the neck. Moulded in dainty and delicate designs, these beauties sparkle wonderfully when paired right. In this collection, you’ll find some delicate yet brilliant pieces of coveted jewels. All moulded with spectacular detailing and care for designs, these Iliana pendants will make you a leading fashionista. Find the design that suits best with your style and browse through the entirety of our selection.

Available in a whole array, these beauties come in every design you’ve wanted. From the minimalism and simplicity of solitaire pendants to the tasteful chaos of cluster-set pendants, we have everything that you might require. These beautiful Iliana pendants will add gorgeously to your graceful style. Find your favourite and shop for it at market-beating prices. Browse our more popular collection below:

Our Collection of Iliana Pendants

The transformative beauty and style of Iliana online pendants are unique. However, there is something that sets them apart and ahead of all others. And that is their basic construct. Our selection is entirely made in 18 karats gold. This number stands as a symbol of the purity. It means that 18 parts of 24 in the alloy are pure, shining gold. Our pieces all come with this purity, with three different hues of gold, that are yellow, rose, and white.

Iliana Solitaire Pendants

There is a lot of power and display in a single stone. Our spectacular pieces bring you a selection of fabulous gemstones, in all the shades and hues of the spectrum. Faceted for that excellent twinkle, our solitaire pendants of Iliana boast of incredible and maximum display of the centre and lone stone. Laid in a classy choice of suiting gold tone, these beauties deserve a sure spot in your treasure trove.

Iliana Cluster Pendants

Another beautiful collection that we present brings you the stunning grade of cluster-set pendants. These pendants display a wonderful collection of gemstones, all studded closely together for a paved finish. Our Iliana gold pendants of this kind reflect majestic colour and shine, both of the gems as well as the underlaying metal.

Iliana Statement Pendants

These trailblazers of the fashion world come with unique and new designs. The Iliana 18K gold pendants in this lot come with inspirational styles and designs, all looking fabulous and new. Studded with gems or gleaming with a perfect metal finish, there’s a whole vast variety to choose from.

Why Choose TJC?

There are several reasons why you ought to opt for us. However, the one reason that keeps us ahead and apart of the competition is our pricing. We present a wide and celebrated range of affordable Iliana pendants online in UK that come with simple, minimal, and unique styles. Shop from our beautiful and classy range to find that next show-stopper in your staple.

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