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More About Gifts of Galaxy

Bestow your kids with the blessing and beauty of the whole universe with this exclusive range of children jewellery, called Gifts of Galaxy. These accessories are lovingly hand-crafted for the apple of your eyes so that they will look unique and different from other kids. The gorgeous jewellery items will transport them to the world of stars, moon, sun, and universe, making them want to learn about them more and in deep.

Choose the most special for your little star

Gifts of Galaxy promises you the cutest and smoothest accessories for your babies that won't hurt them and never cause any trouble. All the accessories that fall under this category are based on the theme of the galaxy, which has always attracted the kids and fuelled their imagination. These accessories are lovingly crafted in the design of heavenly bodies that will put a broad smile on the face of your little munchkin. Each of the accessories carries emotion and deep meaning with itself that will shape the life of your babies in a significant way.

The inspiration behind our cute designs

Kids have a natural attraction towards the galaxy, and its elements and our collection has tried to incorporate those heavenly bodies in our designs. These designs are so cute, beautiful, and eye-catching that your little angels will want to wear them. These accessories include:

Mighty Moon Design:- You will get attractive and lightweight earrings and charms of the full moon and crescent moon. Moon is a feminine symbol associated with time, cycles, admiration, regeneration, power, fertility, and change.

Twinkling Star Design:- Your kid will dance wearing cute star design earrings or bracelet or charms. Star design symbolises protection, motivation, wishes, and positivity.

Why TJC?

TJC has always taken care of the desires of every customer by catering to all their needs in the best quality and at the best deals. Our designers have done considerable research and work on crafting the designs featuring the sparkling beauties of the nightly sky that will make them feel and look unique. You can relax about the comfort and ease of these accessories as these lightweight accessories are crafted using the highest quality materials including gold, sterling silver, colourful beads, and beneficial gemstone beads, making these accessories unique and kids-friendly.

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