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More About Free Ring Resizing

Jewellery not in your size? Are you, too, suffering from missing out on your favourite designs? Well, you don’t have to miss out on your picks as TJC is bringing you the offer of free ring resizing. Yes, you’ve read it absolutely right. We are offering you to get your jewellery moulded to your individual sizes, so you can wear whatever you pick.

We understand and relate with your plight when you’ve set your sights at enamouring ring design but, alas, cannot shop for it. We sympathise with the blues of ill-fitting jewellery. But, worry no more, our beloved customer. TJC has found the best solution to your troubles and you don’t even have to follow a long and exhausting process to avail it.

All you have to do, in order to avail free resizing of ring or free resizing of jewellery, is follow the mentioned below steps:

1. Select your favourite designs: Step one is to cart in the winning outlay. Look for just the design that suits your requirements and strikes your fancy. Then, look at the different available options in size..

2. Select your required ring size: Now, the next step of the process is to select the ring size that is closest to yours. Click on the scale to find out the dimensions of available ring sizes for more knowledgeable idea.

3. Wrap it up: Once you’ve selected the nearest and closest size of your requirement, you proceed with the order. Make your purchase and note down the order number and other reference information.

4. Call our toll-free customer care line: Dial our toll-free customer care helpline (contact number: 0800 260 6666). Select the option 3 and proceed with your request.

Availing free jewellery resizing is that easy. Just remember that we’re always there to help you out in whichever way we can.

Happy shopping!

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