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More About Costume Jewellery

This collection of jewellery will traverse the magical world and mystical stories. Find yourself in the play of colours and contrasts, imitating the glory of grandeur and precious gemstones. The sparkle of crystals and twinkle of gems will make you lose yourself and dream of owning a complete range. Here, you will find your real soulmate, crafted in the form of jewellery by the world-class craftsman. For those with stardust in their eyes should have a look at this collection and own its rare beauty, available exclusively on the web of TJC.

Enigma of Earrings: Drawing inspiration from every walk of life and the events we encounter in it, the collection of earrings here are available in all forms. Some of the most popularly sought patterns are studs, solitaire, and drop earrings. They are available in a variety of designs with a handsome use of crystal and colours. These designer costumer jewellery pieces will make you cherish each moment.

Brilliance of Bracelets: Be it the glass beads of multiple strands, a piece of wrist jewellery is everyone’s dream accessory. It can be your saviour on every occasion and can accompany your favourite watch. Available in the form of beads, charms, chains, links and even a station form, we have a wide assortment to scroll and select from.

The novelty in Necklaces: The designs available in our neck jewellery collection will win your heart in a beat and own a special place in there. Embrace the beauty of this range, best recognised for the use of colours, beads and very innovative themes. They also have some personalised additions with floral pendants and manually laced beads.

Regal Rings: Capturing the essence and beauty of natural dried flowers, the costume jewellery rings collection is truly rich in inspiration. It can keep you close to mother nature and offer you with its matchless sincerity and devotion. This gorgeous range is also adorned with other designs inspired by stars and beauty beyond imagination.

Other Popular Selection: The classic sleek chains, pretty and dainty pendants with some beautiful bangles can also be spotted in our costume jewellery collection. A wide assortment of costume jewellery brooches livens up the collection by large. To offer you the utmost vibrance, we curated some costume jewellery sets to provide more than just one piece. After all, how much jewellery is too much? We don’t know!