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More About Coral Rings

The gemstone mounted on a ring is what makes it worth admiring. When it’s a flamboyant coral, you are showered with compliments. Unlike the other gemstones which are extracted from minerals, corals are a gift of nature. They are formed by an organism called polyps living in the seawater. It branches out of the water at the bottom of the sea; nearby the roots its surface hardens giving birth to corals. The gemstone is composed of calcium carbonate. It rates only 3-4 Mohs on the scale of hardness, thus, should be taken proper care of by the wearers. Our selection of online coral rings in UK includes a wide variety of corals like sponge corals, living corals, Batik sponge corals, bamboo coral, natural Mediterranean corals and more.

The striking coral rings in silver are fashioned in different settings to create spectacular designs. The collection has coral cabochons and beads, which are shaped and polished to attain excellence. If adding a dash of colour to your look is the prime focus, our solitaire coral rings are the best choice for you. The large size of the corals steals the attention of people around you. The solitaire gemstones are mostly clenched to the ring by bezel settings. For a trendy look, you can pick the statement coral rings from our selection that display oomph and style. Corals flanked by a few coloured stones on each side also make a bedazzling piece of jewellery.

We have conceived a coral rings UK collection that meets the demand of every woman. Therefore, we handpicked designs coveted by women with varying taste and preferences. While the minimalists might be happy with a single gemstone, an array of them is what a wildly extravagant person will feel delighted with. For such wearers, we have the cluster rings, consisting of multiple coral gems set closely for a mesmerizing appearance. The rich colour of corals and the patterns visible on their surface make them exquisite. Hemce, our red coral ring designs for women have been most famous. Some style never goes out of fashion, the timeless halo is one. Sparkling zircons, soothing pearls, Ethiopian opal and more encircling the coral centres tone create exotic halo rings.

Red corals are linked to the planet Mars in astrology. It usually comes from Corallium species which is pink to deep red in hue. The red coral rings bring out a bold you with their vibrant colour. The glassy texture of pink corals found in Japan gives it a lovely look. The pink rings can be gifted to your ladylove or partner to express your love. Each of the coral gemstones goes through a stringent quality check before it’s studded on the ring. Their shaping and polishing are done by experienced artisans. We aim to deliver excellence through our rings. To increase their longevity and elevate aesthetic appeal, most of our rings are plated with platinum, rhodium, and gold. For a boho touch, a few are also oxidised.

Celebrate the precious moments of your life by gifting these scintillating rings to your loved ones. Make their day by ordering one of the rings from our coral collection.

Still, thinking? Don’t! Just browse through our jaw-droppingly gorgeous rings below.

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