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More About Beach Jewellery

Beach Jewellery for Holiday Look

There is no doubt that luscious pearls, seashells, and playful creature motifs instantly take us down memory lane to the wonderful days we spend at the beach. Wearing an adorable tortoise over your earlobes with the sun shining brightly on them lets you don the perfect beach look. For days you want to cover your saltwater drenched wrist in jewellery that appears to take birth in the sea, our beach jewellery collection is here. Completed in shimmering metals like sterling silver and gold, our pieces make you ready for the sunny afternoons. Your sunglasses and dazzling bauble picked from TJC are enough to accessorise your summer outfits the perfect way.

TJC: A Destination for Iconic Beach Jewellery Online

Beachy Necklaces:- Your bathing suit topped with a statement maker can take your fashion quotient to the next level. A dress printed with intricate motifs or adorned with embroidery doesn’t require much sprucing up. When you plan to don such attire, you will need a piece that subtly accessories your neckline. Our stylish beaded necklaces are available in bright-hued stones of a variety of colours. You can pick one that goes with your dress for donning a chic look. While if going bold is your preference, you can choose the neckpieces strewn with shells, asymmetrical beads, Murano glass, and more.

For women who prefer classy jewellery over everything else, a pearl strand is all they need. We have plenty of them in our beach jewellery uk.

Creature-Inspired Earrings:- A special day in a woman’s life can feel incomplete without a pair of earrings. To make each day extraordinary, we have a collection of ear jewellery inspired by the sea creatures you love. The cute turtle pair decked in gemstones, fishes, shell and whatnot; you can wear them all! Baroque pearls have an organic shape that makes each of our pair strung with them a one-of-a-kind piece. Get ready to don a pearlescent sheen with the mother of pearl pieces that bring a stunning glow to your face with iridescent sparkle.

Expressive Rings:- Lingering with the adorable animals your find on the seashore and in the sea, our rings make you feel alive. With the stunning larimar, pearls, turquoise and other striking jewels featured on them, they are truly reminiscent of the deep waters. These blue jewels are set shrewdly in setting with intricate detailing and motifs hiding it for a designer look. We have classy rings from well-known designers and collectable brands that offer you an authentic beach jewellery shopping experience.

Pendant for Sea Lovers:- Wearing a pendant with a happy dolphin mounted on it can instantly tell the onlookers you are a sea lover. For ardent sea travellers, we have crafted stunning pendant detailed with the cheerful sea inhabitants and dangling with the timeless pearls. Shells glowing in mother of pearls, scroll details, and unique texture makes our every pendant unique. They are a perfect fit for the evenings you want to get dressed up in a kaftan and enjoy the cool breeze near the beach.

Wait, there is more! If you wish to wear them all, you can scroll through of Beach jewellery set online. They come with matching pieces that effortlessly completes your look and saves you extra money too.