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More About Apatite Jewellery

Apatite is a gemstone that is rare and occurs naturally. A highly popular stone is available in almost every shade of blue and has some brilliant properties to call for. Occurs in colourless, green, blue, white, yellow, brown and so many colours, apatite is a defining mineral for 5 on the Mohs scale. Talking about its rich texture and intrinsic properties, the final embodiments so created are just majestic in all its form.

TJC ensures in procuring high standards of Apatite gemstone for manifesting some temperature soaring pieces. Let's find:

Apatite Bracelets

It’s all in the name. Get gorgeous by taking home some most fantabulous alphabet jewellery sprinkled with an array of colours. Apatite bracelet accents your arms with a new touch of glory and spruce up your mundane look in no time.

Apatite Earrings

Make way for a dazzling impression as you give you ears to an apatite delight. It is a real steal for fashionistas as some dazzle on the ears in some most coveted hues uplifts the jewel bling. Accessorising has been women’s love for ages and something so eclectic and surreal in drops, hoops, or studs with a precious metal setting and overlays is nothing but brilliant to see.

Apatite Rings

Sometimes it takes more than a spark of confidence to define woman what she is. Though woman is a superwoman in all strides but her tryst with jewellery is way beyond inseparable. Rings being her favourite damsel accessory and you will find her bringing it up everywhere possible.

Apatite Pendants

Step up your jewellery collection with something vintage yet so contemporary. Apatite pendant is a masterpiece to entice yourself and get eyes glued to your minimal yet oh-so-amazing piece of jewellery.

Get your gears on and dance with the symphony of apatite jewellery as TJC has garnered a most enchanting galore of jewellery for the gorgeous ladies.

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