Ammolite Earrings

The universally appreciated wicked glory of ammolite is something you need to stock up in your jewellery box! With the transcending colours and the wholesome metallic glint, it takes a proud place as one of our most treasured stones. Find it encrusted in stately ammolite earrings. [Read More]

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More About Ammolite Earrings

The dazzling glare of ammolite has held the fancy of several connoisseurs and collectors since times immemorial. Taking the simple solitaire design, the mere addition of these stones turns the ammolite earrings into something ethereal. From stud to elaborate chandelier drops, this precious and rare gem embarks an unparalleled dazzle if it is placed at the centre. It is why you’ll find numerous pieces in our collection with ammolite studded at the centre of the adornment. Be it in the lay of yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, it only increases the final appeal of the metal tenfold with its addition.

There are several special and note-worthy things about ammolite. It is a stone available in a whole spectrum of colours. You’ll also be delighted to note that no two jewellery pieces have the same-looking ammolite. The transitioning ammolite is quite unique in all its out-worldly appearance.

Apart from its luminous and brilliant aesthetic charm, ammolite is also a very important stone in the healing community. Many healers regard it as a very powerful stone, which comes in importance when they’re ridding negative energies from someone. Many people believe that the wearer of ammolite gets the complete balance of the chakras, letting in stability and calm in the life. The stone appears in spirals, in its raw form. This signifies the movement of all the positive vibrations into the body.

Another feature that sets us apart and ahead of the competition in the market is our diversity. In our selection of ammolite earrings, you’ll find the minimalism and delicate delight of simple stud earrings and you’ll also find the face of extravagance and eloquence in chandelier-inspired earrings. We have some stately choices of knot earrings and we have peppy selections of floral earrings. There’s an endless stream to choose from, at bestselling prices. Yes, you read it right, we also offer unmatched and unrivalled market prices for our range, which makes us an even better choice for you.

The secret to celebrity appearance is all yours if you just affix these gorgeous ammolite earrings to your ears at the next party. Decorated in the company of other equally voracious stones like zircons, ammolite has a stunning property of calling all attention to itself! You can now get the best-priced, stunning ammolite earrings from our collection, here at TJC!

Other than these services, we also offer excellent shipping. We ensure that you product reaches to you before time in the best condition. In fact, if you’re not happy with the quality (which rarely happens,) you can always choose to return it. However, you’re advised to read the return policies before initiating the process.

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