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More About Table Cloths

So, you’ve planned an outdoor get-together. Everything is set up, from barbeque to music. But you’re still seeing something missing from the whole setup. The table, even though laid with an enormous quantity of food, lacks something. Of course, it is the tablecloth!

A good and formal tablecloth is very much needed if you want to make a lasting impression on the guests. Just remember what, among others, impresses you when you step into an establishment of fine dining. It’s obviously the food, but the colour selection of the table has to match with the theme of the area. And that’s where tablecloths play a very important role. You need well thought-out table props that sit just perfect with the kind of day you have planned out.

And for that purpose and more, TJC has accumulated some of the most elegant pieces of tablecloths in its vast catalogue. Available in soothing and calming colours like green, red, white, blue, et cetera, and patterns, these tablecloths instantly transform the look of your setup and make it infinitely more appealing and welcoming.

Made and cut out of the best quality fabrics, the tablecloths from our collection promise to be some of your most treasured and valuable essentials, owing to the easy maintenance and long life. We’ve put together a collection with the said covers in several sizes and colours. Boasting of some incredible designs, these table-covers promise to make things interesting as you share a meal with friends and family.

Not only table-covers, but you’ll also find an enchanting collection of placement mats to be put over the covers. These mats are added just in case the food is spilled. They prevent from ruining the entire tablecloth, and you just have to wash the tiny patch of the said placemat. However, it is incredibly important that the table mats match the pattern of the tablecloth (and that doesn’t mean that they’ll be in the same design.) Browse from our selection and find the kind of mats that match just right with the tablecloth you’ve chosen.

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