More About Himalayan Salt Lamps

Are you mesmerized by the softly glowing pink or red rocks? Yes, we are talking about stunning Himalayan salts rock lamps. These beautiful mineral rich rocks are mined in Pakistan and have been used for an ambience lighting and healing purposes. Himalayan rocks purify the air around and act as beautiful decorative with healing properties. Some of the claimed benefits of Himalayan lamps range from offering air purification, soothing allergies, boasting mood, and improving sleep.

Himalayan salt crystal lamps feature light bulb inside with the large chunks of Himalayan salts. Each rock is unique and emits a warming and pink glow, which looks truly mesmerizing. The natural Himalayan rocks are harvest from the Khewra mine in Pakistan and the salts are believed to be millions of years old displaying pinkish hues.

TJC’s collection of Himalayan salt lamps

Therapeutic home decor piece that purifies the ambience!

Himalayan salt crystal lamps are natural ionizers, they produce electrical charge of the circulating air and affect the ambience with their unbalancing protons or electrons. TJC brings you an amazing collection of Himalayan salt lamps in UK featuring a range of lamps in beautiful shapes. These beautiful rocks are designed to offer you a relaxing ambience. Most of these lamps come with wooden base for sturdy usage. Lamps offer amazing decoration to your places; besides, they emit negative ions that change something in the ambience and induce the feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation and happiness.

Himalayan salt lamp for decoration

Himalayan salt lamps are preferred because they look very beautiful and offer numerous benefits for the environment. Pinkish to orange hues of Himalayan rocks creates a soothing ambience that relaxes mind and body. Hence, adding natural these salt lamps to your abode is a brilliant idea. The air around gets purified and you feel relaxed and blissful. TJC is offering stunningly made rock lamps with a wooden base. Give your places rustic feel with these stunning décor additions.

CE certified Himalayan salt lamps

CE certification ensures the safety of users ranging from conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards within European Economic Area. Most of the Himalayan salt lamps come with CE marking, which makes them a safer product to use for the general public. These lamps are incorporated with bulb that heats the entire piece, hence, read the instructions before you use it and keep these electrical products away from kids.

Gifting Himalayan crystal lamps

Gift these magical lamps to your loved ones, they will love it. Featuring millions of years old Himalayan rocks that offer many benefits to the environment, hence, gifting these therapeutic lamps is sure to delight your loved ones. You can choose from TJC’s online collection of Himalayan salt lamps in UK offering a range of lamps with CE certification.