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More About Sanitary Towels & Pads

Maintaining proper hygiene can ward off the risk of having infections. One of the indispensable personal hygiene products that must be bought keeping your own special needs in mind is the sanitary pad. Each of you experiences a varying flow and prefer a different size and shape. To ensure you don’t have to compromise with your comfort when it comes to selecting sanitary pads, we have included a vast variety of brands. At TJC we understand that during your menstrual days you are already fighting with irritation, pain and uneasiness. The only way we can be sure that you have a happy period is by providing you a sanitary product that’s the best fit for you.

Enjoy every day with the same vigour

Are you on the field the entire day? If you are one of those women who spends most of her time at work and has a lot of walking to do, the sanitary towels with wings might be of great help. Wings get affixed to the sides of your underpants and ensure the pad doesn’t change its position while you are busy on a task. Once you have firmly placed the pad, the wings will secure it to your knickers, and it will stay in close contact with your skin. We have a large online collection of pads which are made in material that is skin-friendly, thus, keeps you comfortable from your first to the last day.

Not getting sound sleep at night can make your feel groggy in the morning. You no more have to toss and turn worrying about soiling your clothes even during the heavy periods. For your first few days, we bring you maxi pads. These are thickly cushioned, thus, absorb a high amount of blood for long hours. While some of you will feel safer wearing a thick sanitary towel, at times you will also need a pad that’s so thin that it feels like your second skin. The slim-fitting ultra-thin pads provide both a wider area and a great shape.

Does your crotch feel wet and irritative? The excessive flood can lead to higher levels of moisture in your pubic region leading to bad odours and skin irritation. The best way out of this situation is by using a highly breathable sanitary pad with gel technology. Such a pad will convert the liquid into gel locking it in. Surviving those heavy periods is quite easy when you are at our store.

Last but not least are the pantyliners. On days the flow is light, or you are having a sensitive bladder or a discharge, you wouldn’t need the security of an ultra-pad. Instead, you need a thin and highly absorbent pad that keeps your vagina dry and fresh the entire day. That’s what a pantyliner is made for and we have plenty of them in our UK sanitary pads and towels collection.

Our main priority is to offer you a complete feminine hygiene product range. Along with pads we also sell an amazing range of sensitive bladder pants. With growing age, some women experience bladder problems. Urinary incontinence and overactive bladder can lead to unintentional leakage. The wet underpants can make you feel extremely uncomfortable and cause vaginal odours as well. Sensitive bladder pants soak the leakage, eliminates odours and snugly fits on your buttocks. This revolutionary product ensures you have enjoyed your day without any unnecessary washroom breaks.