More About Face Masks

Your face is the first line of defence against pollution and bacteria, and hence, needs to be taken care of very well. With the rise of pollutants in the air, travelling through public spaces is not easy and therefore having a good face mask or covering is suggested and can come in handy at such times. With time and situations, the face masks are available in various forms today. Now at TJC, you can choose from protective face masks, fashionable, reusable and even disposable face masks. Below you will find some of the bestselling coverings and face masks online.

TJC’s Collection of Face Masks and Coverings:

• Non-Woven Disposable Masks: Designed for use and throw purpose, the disposable masks can effortlessly filter the air that the user breathes and can help them in keeping the respiratory tract clear from dust particles or any infection-causing germs. They are available in various colours and also featured multiple tying options. These masks are gentle on the skin, meanwhile providing a great coverage area for the same.

• Reusable Fabric Coverings: Made from breathable fabrics, these reusable face coverings are very fondly used all over the world. They are available in attractive colour themes and designs. These coverings are generally made from fabric quality of cotton and even premium mulberry silk to ensure the comfort of the user. They are washable and hence can be used regularly.

• 2-in-1 Face Coverings: Versatile to style and drape, these coverings are ideal to be used as a stylish fashion scarf as well as a face covering. Made from high-quality fabric, the drapes are easy to clean and wrap for optimum benefits. At TJC, these masks are made from the premium finish of chiffon, which stays crease-free and gentle on the skin.

• Protection Hat with Face Covering Shield: Perfect for summers, this hat is a great way you can seek safety and style yourself at the same time. In our exclusive collection, a transparent shield is added on the hat to form a layer right in front of your face. The shield can be removed to meet your requirements.

• Care with Combos: Considering the use and need for protection, the face coverings and masks are available in various combos. To assist better, we even offer protective keychain to open doors with covers. You can find sets of face coverings with more than one product for you.

Why Choose TJC:

With remarkable services and on-time delivery, TJC has been serving to its customers religiously. With our passionate and hardworking team, we are continually striving to help you. Here, we have some of the most significant face masks in UK for one and all. We believe in delivering joy, and hence here you can find a vast range of products, from fashion to jewellery, lifestyle to everyday essentials at one place.