Hand Sanitiser

Staying safe and protected against germs

Hand Sanitisers on TJC

Fighting the toughest of germs and surface bacteria easily, the hand rubs and sanitisers are rather good ammunitions against illnesses. There’s a wide range of different types of hand sanitisers available, shop for fast-acting products with TJC.

● Quick Acting & Fast Drying

Choose the sanitiser that dries quickly without sticky residue

● +60% Alcohol Content

Sanitisers with 60-65% or more alcohol & isopropanol kill 99.9% germs and bacteria

● No Wash Formula

Opt for hand sanitisers with no-wipe and no-wash formula

Using Hand Rubs and Sanitisers ensures your complete protection against germs by following these three easy steps.

How To Use Hand Sanitiser

Rub well over palms, back of hands and fingernails until dry.