More About Gifts for Children

No two kids are alike, and hence it can be a tough job to keep them all happy and find them precisely what is crafted for them. Flaunting some handmade treasures above, we aim to provide you with a little something to make their day. Be it a Christening & Baptism gift or a surprise for your “grown-up”- the ones who refuse to grow, in the collection of kid’s jewellery gifts at TJC you can find some of the most outstanding products. Crafting jewellery for a kid is a meditative act, requiring skilled artists to carve a flawless piece for their innocent souls. It should be smooth and minimal to match their sincerity and at the same time twinkle as that spark in their eyes. Our collection is exclusively available on the web, and hence, can be unique and rare at times. Read about some of our favourites below:

Precious and Pretty Pendants: Twinkle twinkle little star, your kid is precious like a beautiful star! Designed for your star kid, we have some beautiful pendant jewellery gifts for children designed in the shape of star, heart and whatnot. The collection is exclusive and minimal at the same time, making it a perfect line to browse if you are planning to introduce your child to the jewellery and help them build their collection.

Enchantment of the Earrings: Ever lost yourself in the eyes of your child or forgot what you were saying while listening to their innocent chatter? We understand the beauty of these little moments and hence designed a massive range of kids’ earrings jewellery gifts to add more twinkle and charm on your little pumpkin’s face. Some famous designs in the collection include rainbows, flowers, bird, bunnies and again our favourite stars!

Jewellery set for the Junior: It is time to count the laughter and giggles and trust the jewellery sets we have in store for your champ. Offering more than just one reason to smile, the children’s jewellery set gifts can provide a curated set for them. Famously available with a pair of earrings and a matching pendant with chain, this set is a beautiful way to help them build their dream collection.