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Santa Maria Aquamarine

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Santa Maria Aquamarine Gemstone

Flaunting a rich, exhilarating blue hue, Aquamarines are known to have bewitched gemstone enthusiasts since times immemorial. Known as the stones of the water, these gems look magical and mystical on rings and pendants, which is why we bring you vast collection of the best Santa Maria Aquamarine gems studded in rings, pendants, bracelets, and more. Scroll through our catalogue to find the one that’s yours. Be it in the lay of yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, you will find yourself astounded by the awe-inspiring collection, exclusively found at TJC!

Origin and supply

Aquamarines are like emeralds, just in different colour. They belong to the same mineral beryl and are a different colour variety. While all aquamarines flaunt an entrancing play of colours, what makes the Santa Maria rocks special is the intensity of colour. Offering the best and sustainable quality, the gems mined from Santa Maria, Brazil continue to mesmerize everyone with their exotic colours. And we bring them to you.

Borrowing the name from a Latin word for “sea water,” these stones are highly revered all across the globe. In fact, the special variety of Santa Aquamarine stones is quite a task. While there was a vast supply in the past, you can barely find big-carat Aquamarines anymore. They are found buried under opaque layers of a material that needs to be chiselled away with the help of highly dexterous skills. Small mistakes can lead to massive wastes.

Optical features

Known widely for the saturated blue hues trapped in the transparent stone, Santa Aquamarines belong to same mineral beryl family as emeralds. They are just a different colour variety. Sometimes also offering slight green-ish blue varieties, the gems are revered and coveted by many. The transparent crystals look almost majestic when they’re faceted as they reflect light as it passes through.

Aquamarines rank pretty high on the Mohs scale of hardness, measuring up to 7.5 to 8 units. It means that they’re strong and durable. It doesn’t mean that they’re immune to scratches and external abrasions, which will affect the sparkle. There is yet another property that makes these gems highly prized and this is their dichroism. It means that Santa Maria might seem colourless on one end of the crystal and might be saturated at the other.

When in regard of the clarity and lustre, they have no visible inclusions in their transparent appearance. They are highly regarded for their priceless sparkle and an inimitable clarity. The best cuts that suit a stone of this quality are the ones that promise multiple facets. More surfaces for reflection do the brilliance of the stone justice as it glitters like the biggest star in the nightsky.

Astrological and healing importance

Since a very long time in history, Aquamarines have been regarded as the stone of the sea. The people going on voyages of the sea used to wear them, as they believed that the powers of the stone will wear off storms and will protect them from the evils of the sea. Over the years, astrologers and healers studied the powers of the gem and found it useful for several other things.

It is believed by legends and pandits that it is the stone of the throat chakra, which means that it affects your communication channel. It is also known to enhance intellectual reasoning and negotiation. Many people to this day believe it to be the stone of the water and wear it for safe sea travels. They believe that it will also keep them from getting sea-sick.

There are also some healers across the globe that regard Aquamarine as a “love crystal.” They claim that aquamarine worn by a lover encourages return. They also believe that it helps two people live together with love, peace, and harmony. It might be reason why you’ll see aquamarines encrusted in a number of trilogy and eternity rings.

How to clean

The process of cleaning aquamarine is the same as cleaning any other crystal. You can soak it in a bowl of warm water. You may also add a few drops of dish soap if there is some grime present on the surface. If the persistent dirt doesn’t come off, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrape it away. However, you need to be careful so you don’t scratch the surface.

Aquamarine rates 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes a durable and long-lasting stone. With that being said, it is still very much susceptible to external abrasions. So, you have to be careful while wearing it.

Facts About Santa Maria

  • Aquamarine shares its beryl mineral family with emeralds. It’s just a colour variety of the same mineral.
  • It is considered as the “Stone of the Sea,” which means that a vast number of people in the world believe that it holds the powers of the sea. And so, they wear it for their sea travels for a safe journey.
  • It is believed in legends that it was extracted from the treasure of mermaids.
  • It is also the birthstone of the month March and according to healers, brings luck and fortune to the people born in the same month.