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Mojave Turquoise Stone

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Turquoise has made the world go awe with its impeccable beauty. Egyptians, Persians, Maya, Aztec, Native North Americans, Chinese have treasured this gemstone for thousands of years. It has always been considered as a harbinger of good fortune and often called “gemstone of the peoples”. The wondrous variety of Turquoise with a vibrant variety of colours is found in Mojave Turquoise.


The word Turquoise is originated from an Old French word meaning “Turkish stone” because the stone was purchased then from Turkish bazaars. Turquoise has been extracted from Sinai Peninsula in Iran, mining turquoise since 5000 B.C. Mojave turquoise is a breathtakingly vivid Turquoise that has been crafted through a process using hydraulic press by assembling turquoise nuggets. A bronze metal matrix is introduced throughout the base of brick turquoise. Further, once the turquoise is assembled, it is stabilised to harden the stone. One of a kind, this gem is unique and is only product in the market making use of real Arizona turquoise and real metal matrix. Mojave turquoise is sourced from Arizona Kingman Mine in the state of Arizona.

What is Mojave Turquoise?

The recently popped up Turquoise on the scene with seamless beauty and making rounds of craze is definitely Mojave Turquoise. It is a variety of Turquoise gemstone that is all points ethereal to look at and carry out a unique process for curating a stone everything worth for. Found in brilliant hues of deep blue to green, purple and orange, it is quite a rare gem. However, Mojave Purple Turquoise and Mojave Green Turquoise are making waves of impression in the jewellery world.

Mojave Turquoise Features

  • It ranks 5 to 6 on the mohs hardness scale.
  • A popular member if turquoise family
  • A rich and vibrant turquoise, it is available in the shades of green, purple, blue and orange with copper coloured veining.
  • Birthstone of June, July & December
  • Traditional 11th anniversary gift
  • Perfect for zodiac sign of Sagittarius
  • Official Gemstone for Arizona Nevada and New Mexico

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