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Tiger’s eye is a marvellous gemstone widely cherished for its remarkable chatoyancy effect. The stone displays unique layers of gold and brown colour that dance like shafts of light through a dense forest over the surface of stone. Tiger’s eye is named after the characterises of tiger and associated with the eye of the cat. It has a beautiful yellow colour that offers an extraordinary honey glow. The stone has inclusions of iron and quartz, hence, offers it an appearance resembles to the tiger. This gorgeous chatoyant stone is a mysterious variety of Quartz displaying fascinating patterns under lighting exposure. Topaz has been counted among the most sought-after stones since ages! Its bestselling feature remains its availability in the whole spectrum of different colours. In its rough form, the sparkling perfect gem is found in amber-yellow tones. However, with different treatments, it can be made available in several different hues. Among its more popular variants are the electric blue topaz, green, orange, pink, and a few more. There is still a lot that is undiscovered by this popular stunning gemstone. We have collected all the needful information about this gem that will steal your heart in seconds. Read on to know all there is to know about topaz in all its beauty and charm

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Origin and Supply of Topaz

Mostly available in a surprisingly clear crystalline form, topaz has been loved by countless since ages. It is a strong and durable silicate material that’s made of aluminium and fluorine. Even though it is naturally available in yellow-brown colours, it can be moulded in many other colours. In fact, the stone is actually quite popular for its stunning blue colour. Considered among the hardest naturally occurring substances with rank 8 on Mohs Scale of Hardness, it is sourced in pyramidic structures....

The considerably affordable stone can be abundantly found over several locations spanning across the globe. Most of the gem is sourced from Brazil, which is mostly famous for the treated blue colour. South America also offers us some brilliant pieces of outstanding specimens. But there are several more countries in the world where gemstone quality of this crystal is found. Some of them are Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Norway, Italy, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Japan, And Nigeria.

How is Topaz Mined?

When seeking topaz, there are different popular mining methods used. The extraordinary mineral is found in beams of deposits, which are then extracted using heavy machinery. Below, we have explained the different types of mining procedures that have been employed to extract this beautiful gem

Surface Mining – This is done when the beams of mineral are located pretty close to the surface. In this, heavy machinery like Earthmovers remove the light rocks that have deposited over the boulder carrying this gem. Then these rocks are carved carefully to extract the gem.

Strip Mining – This is, too, done when the stone is found to be relatively closer to the surface. This is opted when two minerals are connected to each other. In this, a slim strip of a particular mineral rock is removed, which might be overlying the mineral you’re seeking.

Open Pit Mining – This is done in a simple way for when the mineral is located deeper into the Earth. Large pits of Earth are dug up where boulders carrying these rocks are located. Then these boulders are moved to units where they’re cleaned, and gem is extracted.

Dredging – The type of mining that is employed when you wish to get the gem that’s underwater. This is done with strong and powerful machine using hydraulic energy. The gem embedded in the waterbed is sourced this way.

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Facts About Topaz

  • There are fun and interesting facts about this stone that make it a sure charmer to the eyes. Below are some of them mentioned. Come read and increase your interest in the said stone
  • The name of topaz is believed to be originated from a Sanskrit word “tapas,” which translates into “fire.” This symbolises its intense and rich colours that have fire-like brilliance.
  • One of the most expensive varieties of this stone is called the Imperial Topaz. This gem has beautiful deep orange-red colours, which are rarely noticed in a crystal of this clarity. This property makes it pricey and treasured. ...
  • Most of the blue and pink topaz you’ll see in the market have undergone some kind of treatment. The most popular treatment used is heat treatment, which bring the beautiful colour of these stones.
  • Topaz is the perfect stone for everyday use. This has majorly to do with the fact that it ranks 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which means that it can only be scratched and/or shattered upon impact with stones stronger than it.
  • In ancient times, people believed that the stone holds a lot of power and strength. They believed that it can wash out the negativity of the wearer and bring positivity.
  • Topaz Birthstone is for all the people who have been born during November. It is also considered the ideal gift for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • It is one of the brilliant and sought-after gemstones that are available in the whole spectrum of colours. You may find topaz in as many as blue, green, pink, yellow, and many more colours. Some of them are natural while most are synthetic.
  • Among the most popular specimens of topaz is the gigantic piece that’s studded in Portuguese crown. This stone was believed to be a diamond for a very long time, and it weighs at whopping 1680 carats!
  • Many people believed that just be wearing the stone at your neck, you can repel evil sight and draw away grief and sadness from life.
  • The rare and stunning type of pink topaz was discovered as late as in 19th Century. It was discovered in Russia and could only be worn by Czar and his knowns. New Arrivals

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Properties of Topaz

Topaz is considered to be quite a popular stone. However inexpensive, it is a much popular demand and collectible of many connoisseurs and muse of different jewellery designers. But, like many other gemstones, it has some basic determining factors that affect its quality, too. Below, we have explained with basic 4Cs of this stunning gem. These will immensely help you accessing the value of your own stone ...

1. Colour: Among rest, the most important feature of this gem is its colour. Topaz is famously known for its several different hues and tones. Among the more popular one is blue and green, which believe or not, are the results of treatment. Shades like golden yellow are extremely rare to come by, which makes the Imperial Topaz all the more expensive. Another expensive range of this stunning gem features stones that display the rare and prized pleochroism property. This mean that some specimens display different colours when they’re viewed from different angles, and these varieties are among the more expensive ones.

2. Cut: The strength and durability of this stone quite resilient, with its standing rank of 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This means that the stone can be chiselled into several different types and kinds of cuts and shapes. Like several other gemstones, it has the general and traditional shapes like round, oval, or pears. But the stone also features some fabulous shapes such as marquise, emerald, cushion, and more as such. It is important that the cut of this stone displays its clarity and sparkle in the best of ways.

3. Clarity: It is more commonly noted that topaz, more often than not, is always free of any visible inclusions in its built. The stone looks exuberantly pricy when it has no obstructions visible to the naked eye. That said, you may find some specimens featuring small dots or specks. If these inclusions don’t have any effect on visibility of the gem or its transparency, they won’t have any effect on the price, too. The price of the stone always remains higher if it is absolutely clear to the eye.

3. Caret: Topaz is a stone that is abundantly found in several different shapes and sizes. This means that as the size of the stone increases, it doesn’t have much affect on the prices. However, this changes if we’re talking about a rare colour, like Imperial Topaz. In that case, the price of the stone will increase as its carat weight increases.

Topaz Gemstone Treatment - Like almost all the other gemstones in the current circulating market, Topaz too, undergoes different treatments. Firstly, there is the irradiation treatment, which makes it colours stand out. This treatment is how you get orange, green, red, or brown-ish colours. It is usually followed by heat treatment, which is where the gem can turn into the famed blue colour.

It is very important for you to find out about the different treatments that your gem undergoes. Always ask your jeweller about the enhancements and procedures that have been conducted over the final stone.

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What to Remember While Buying Topaz?

  • when you’re shopping for topaz. Here are mentioned a few helpful tips and tricks that will help you find the best quality of the gem for your buck:
  • 1. Like all the other gemstones, Topaz too, has some major determining factors that affect its quality. These are its colour, clarity, cut, and carat. It is important for you to educate yourself about these 4Cs to determine how pricey your stone is.
  • 2. Topaz ranks 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This means that it is a pretty durable and strong gem. The imitations are usually far less strong. This property makes it difficult to break the gem....
  • 3. The biggest factor that affects the price and value of this gem is its colour. Yellow-orange colour is considered to be among the pricier ones. If the saturation is even and richer, the gemstone is going to be expensive, too.
  • 4. Blue topaz is usually treated for the colour and is not naturally found. If it is natural, it is going to be considerably higher priced. Know its rarity before investing it the stone.
  • 5. Topaz is usually categorised under low-priced gemstones. These don’t have much fluctuation in prices, either. If you’re getting an extremely expensive variety, enquire about the stone’s natural colour.
  • 6. Some topaz feature a rare and loved property, which causes a hike in their prices. The property is called pleochroism, and it’s when a single gemstone features more than 2 colours when viewed from different angles.
  • 7. The gemstones with visibly no inclusions are considered to be expensive. In order to gauge its clarity, hold it against the light to see if you can spot any clouding. Clear stones will always have a comparatively higher price.
  • 8. Always ask if your gemstone has been treated. Almost all the gemstones in the circulating market have undergone some sort of treatment to enhance their colour or stabilize their built. Inquire about your own specimen.
  • 9. Topaz, even though it a relatively cheaper stone, has imitations circulating in the market. Sometimes, quartz is heated and colour-treated, and then sold as topaz. You should ask for certificate of authenticity of your stone if you have any doubts.
  • 10. Lastly, educate yourself about the stone. If you’re going to specially but this, it will always prove to work in your favour if you study and learn about it as much as you can.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Topaz

1. What Is the Natural Colour of Topaz?

Naturally, most of the stones of this variety are found in brown, orange, or tan colour. Very rarely will you find a natural topaz that’ll be in blue or pink colour, however, they are naturally found, too.

2. What Is the Rarest Colour of Topaz?

Topaz is found in several colours. If you’re seeking the naturally procured colours, pink and yellow are considered to be the rarest, and hence, the most expensive. The golden variety is popularly called Imperial topaz.

3. Which Colour November Topaz is the Birthstone?

The birthstones for November are Citrine and Topaz, both. While topaz is available in a whole choice of colours. citrine is famous for its exclusive and stunning golden-yellow hue. Topaz is cherished for this rare colour, too, but it is also popular for its pink, green, blue, and other colours.

4. What Does Topaz Symbolise?

Topaz is known to be associated with affection and love. Many people believe that by wearing it, one may achieve love and adoration instantly. It is also a stone that one can use to aid friendship in stranger places.

5. Does Topaz Scratch Easily?

Topaz is known to rank 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This means that it is a relatively stronger and durable stone. It cannot break as easily and is scratched with substance that have a stronger built.

6. Is Blue Topaz A Natural Stone?

Yes, blue topaz can be naturally found. However, know that it is extremely rare and usually higher priced. The common practice is treating natural topaz and artificially making it blue. Most of the blue gems of this family you’ll see in the market are treated.

7. Are Topaz Stones Valuable?

Topaz is not a very expensive gemstone. You may find it rather easy on the pockets. However, it does have varieties, like pink and amber, which command a higher price. Albeit, these should be naturally sourced and not treated for colour.

8. Is Topaz Good for Engagement Rings?

Yes, Topaz can be the ideal stone for a ring that you plan to wear every day. The major reason for that is its rank 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. This means that the stone is strong and cannot be easily shattered.