Lapis Lazuli is known for its likeness to the night sky, lapis lazuli’s dark blue colour shimmers with golden flecks that resemble shining stars.

History Bite

It’s believed that lapis lazuli originates from the Persian word lazhuward meaning blue, the Arabic word lazaward, meaning heaven or sky, and the Latin lapis meaning stone.

Geology Lesson

Lapis Lazuli is created from lazurite, which gives the stone its dark blue colour; and calcite and pyrite crystals, which create the golden star-like flecks. The stones can vary from green-blue to purple-blue, but it is the intense dark blue with golden flecks that are the most highly prized.

Hocus Pocus

Ancient civilisations believed that lapis lazuli could protect the wearer from the evil eye. Today, some believe it enhances your personal awareness, insight and intellect – it’s said to make you feel peaceful, and at ease with yourself.

Gem Specs

Colour Deep Blue
Crystal Structure Various
Sources Afghanistan, Chile, Italy, Russia, USA, Canada, Mongolia