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Dream of every collector, the Kunzite allures all with its incredible colours, ranging from pastel pinks to the deep lilac. The intense gaze of the gemstone depends on the percentage of manganese present in its composition, resulting in a beautiful colour and clarity. The best of the shades of the stone are visible when you look down its length since it is pleochroic in nature, displaying more than one shade which highly depends on your angle of viewing it. This is the reason that the best quality of Kunzite is offered with two perfect cleavage directions and the artisans carve them accordingly to bring the best of its values to you. The gem is generally available in large sizes and can be a task to cut and carve due to the cleavage directions since it can easily spilt if carved recklessly.

Origin and Supply of Kunzite

Comparing to other colourful stones in the market, Kunzite is a newbie in the jewellery market with its gorgeous shade. Its samples were found in San Diego, California and were later sent directly to mineralogist of Tiffany & Co. There, George Frederick Kunz, the mineralogist confirmed it as a type of spodumene but with very intense colour properties. Ever since then, the gemstone Kunzite has been very fondly used all over the jewellery world. Due to its two cleavage directions, it is however tough to carve but nevertheless stands out with excellent finish and surface in the jewellery. It is now popularly found in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and California. ...

Kunzite Mining and Availability

It takes a lot to bring a brilliant stone from mines to the men! Be it a jewellery store or an online website, a lot of handworks is done to acquire the beauty of this gem. Countless hours of human resources are required to bring Kunzite to the gem market straight from the mines and hence make it worth every buy. This must-have pink gemstone for your lovely evenings is not easy to obtain and has supply lesser than the demand. The darker its colour is, the higher the Kunzite is priced in the market today.

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Facts about Kunzite

  • Whether the Kunzite in natural or enhanced, it can fade when exposed in the sunlight or harsh source of light.
  • It is advised to store the Kunzite stone or jewellery in a closed jewellery organizer or box
  • The Kunzite is a pleochroic type, which displays a stunning colour play whenever viewed from different angles.
  • It is a perfect stone for the gem collectors due to the larger sizes and rich and intense colour
  • Out of all, the women mainly use it due to the pretty shades and hues
  • It is believed to fight the evil spirits and guard the wearer while maintaining the emotional stability.
  • The stone is said to help with anxiety and depression as well.
  • It suggests the combined beauty of stones like amethyst and diamonds.
  • It is a desirable stone with lucid transparency and colour.
  • The Kunzite is not available in the grades like AAA or AA, there is no quality standard scale for this gem.

Features of the Kunzite Stone

This pretty Kunzite whose opulence and beauty are winning its lovers over the world is very satisfying to own. It is not just pretty in appearance but is also rich in properties and values. The four C’s (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat) of the stone can play the major role in deciding whether it is ideal to own or not. ...

1. Colour: This heliotrope coloured gemstone Kunzite displays an array of shades when viewed from different angles. It is majorly pink in colour but can also be seen in violet, lilac, yellow and green. The yellow variety is known as Triphane, and the green is called Hiddenite. The Kunzite gem is often heated to enhance the colour and make it more intense and beautiful.

2. Cut: Offered with cleavage in two directions, the Kunzite, is not an easy stone when it comes to mining or carving it for a jewellery type. It has to be cut with extreme care if not; it can easily chip off and get damaged.

3. Clarity: The stone remains insensitive to the X-ray even on high penetration but shows luminosity upon removal of the dark chamber. When studded further and submitted for the emanations of radium bromide, it also projected the promising radiance. There are chances that a Kunzite may fade its rich colour when exposed in sunlight for long or any harsh source of light. It is generally available with very few inclusions and high sheen and clarity.

4. Carat: The stone is not priced very high at the moment. It matches well with the sheen and cut of diamonds and has been profoundly seen in the world of fashion. If the supply does not run out of stock, there are no more chances of higher pricing and hike in the range. The Kunzite gemstone is very famously available in larger sizes and hence can be carved according to the jewellery requirements.

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What to remember while buying a Kunzite?

  • 1. It is always suggested to buy a certified Kunzite from an authorized source
  • 2. Offered with similar chemical, physical and optical properties, be aware of the synthetic Kunzite while paying for the genuine one.
  • 3. The real gemstones may have a flaw, look out for them. ...
  • 4. Due to the availability and beauty, the real Kunzite will cost more than the ones created in the laboratory.
  • 5. The Kunzite stands out the best for its distinctive colour.
  • 6. It cannot be exposed to the sun for long else can dull the colour, and hence the Kunzite is often known as the “evening stone”.
  • 7. The Kunzite is cut with heavy back, also known as a pavilion, to keep the lustre and colour clean and shiny.
  • 8. The test of the refractive index and the specific gravity would also be ideal for testing a Kunzite.

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New Arrivals

Frequently Asked Questions About Kunzite

1. What is the best colour for Kunzite?

As mentioned earlier, the stone is best known for the vibrant pinks and pretty purples, which clearly depends on the presence of manganese in the composition. The darker tones in the Kunzite gemstones are however costlier in price as compared to the lighter shades.

2. Where is Kunzite mostly found?

The traces of this gemstone are usually tracked from Minas Gerais, Brazil but recently are derived from Afghanistan and Pakistan. The other sourced of the stone are Madagascar, Myanmar and USA.

3. How quickly does Kunzite fade?

It highly depends on the care of the stone, and it is advised to keep it away from sunlight or any harsh light.

4. What are the properties of Kunzite?

Kunzite gemstone Kunzite is believed to offer a lot of properties and ethical values to its wearer. Famously, it is known as the stone of love and romance. It is also said to be the stone of communication and mental health. The Kunzite is believed to help in healing and heartaches and be the right stone for promoting self-love.

5. Can Kunzite be blue?

Kunzite is available with a diver colour range. It is popularly ranging from light pinks to beautiful lilac in the shade. The green and yellow variety of Kunzite is, however, known as Hiddenite and Triphane, respectively.

6. How do you clean Kunzite?

It is advised not to use steam and ultrasound to clean the gemstone. Warm soapy water can work the best for Kunzite along with a clean cotton cloth. You can also take the help of professionals in cleaning the stone in order to avoid any sort of damage

7. How can you tell a real Kunzite?

Kunzite is known for strong pleochroism, which displays a wide range of hues depending on the on the angle you view it from. It can also turn nearly colourless when exposed in the harsh sunlight of any intense light for long.

8. What type of the gem is Kunzite?

Kunzite is the mineral type of spodumene, which is readily available across the globe. It is derived in almost transparent gem form.

9. How is Kunzite formed?

Kunzite is formed in the core of igneous rock. It is very gorgeous, and it takes a lot of hand power to get extracted.

10. What is the hardness of Kunzite?

The hardness of stone Kunzite ranges from 6.5 – 7 on Mohs scale of hardness which means it is easy to carve and cut for jewellery and is ideal for regular wear and tear.