Citrine Stone

Citrine Stone

From pretty pale yellow, to glorious gold and warm red-browns, it’s clear to see why citrine has been coveted for centuries and was known as the gemstone of happiness.

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Origin & Supply of Citrine

The name derives from the French 'citron', meaning 'lemon'. It's thought that the Romans were thought to be the first to wear citrine, but it became popular during the Romantic period as it enhanced the beauty of gold jewellery.

Optical Features

If left in the sun for a long period, citrine stones change colour. It’s a permanent colour change though, so if you like the colour of your stone, keep it away from long stints in the sun.

Gem Specs

Citrine Stone
Colour Yellow, Gold, Light Yellow
Crystal Structure Trigonal
Sources Brazil, Spain, Madagascar, Africa, France, Uruguay, and Russia