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Aged back 40 to 60 million years, Baltic Amber contains opulent history! In fact, if you peek in closely, you can practically see the history lodged within the stone with strands and remains of matter dated back. Researchers claim that the some prized collections of these stones are known to contain over 1000 species of insects that are now extinct.

Origin and Supply

It is hard to find out just when the process of formation started, of these stones. However, ever since man can recall, he has been curious of the honey-coloured stones that have washed up at the shores. Little did the prehistoric man know, they contained masses of a pre-historic era etched inside them.

Prized for their healing properties and historical importance, these stones are mainly found in the areas near the Baltic Sea, Europe. Dated back from 44 million years, the stones are considered to be formed out of resins from trees. It is also the reason why that when they’re burnt, they emanate a humid, forest-like pine smell. Baltic Ambers also rate 5-6 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means that they can be easily scratched and broken. Therefore, you need to take care of your jewellery.

Facts about Baltic Amber

  • Baltic Amber is actually the stone shown the famous movie “Jurassic Park,” where they retrieve the DNA for making dinosaurs.
  • People of the early ages believed it to be magic stone as it produces static when rubbed together.
  • It is also emanates a sticky, sweet aroma when it burnt. The smoke bellowed from this fire was used to cleanse the air during childbirth in older times.
  • The stone ranks low on the Mohs scale – 5 to 6, which means that it susceptible to scratching and abrasions.
  • Lots of people suffering from migraine and arthritis wear bracelets and pendants sporting the amber as it is known to release small amounts on succinate acid, which is an analgesic component found within the stone.

Healing properties

Given their age, it’s no surprise that Baltic ambers rank quite high in terms of importance to all the healers across the world. There have been several legends and stories related to how pure, positive, and reverent the stone is.

The widest use of the stones is for the succinate acid found in it. Many believe that wearing the stone helps them fight against the pain of arthritis or teething. Some people claim that the stone has helped them fight skin-related issues as well. Healers claim that if the people suffering from ailments wear it round-the-clock for about 4 to 5 weeks, they will observe positive changes and progress in their health.

One can find a diverse range of bracelets and pendant that contain this stone. It is believed that the warmth of the human body releases the anti-inflammatory and analgesic components on the skin surface, which are later absorbed by the body. This is how ambers help babies from being colicky at the time of teething. In Austria, Germany, and Sydney, you will find a lot of local vendors selling jewellery laced with these stones. However, it is crucial to note that you must never ingest the stone; only wearing it is sufficient.

Special Feature

  • In terms of the origin of the name, it is quite simple. “Baltic” comes from where it was procured, which is on the coasts of the Baltic Sea. “Amber” is derived from the Latin word “ambra.”
  • The healers today believe in the legacy of powers that the stone boasts. It is a revered stone that eliminates stress and opens the mind for consideration of new prospects. Healers believe that the stone still brings psychic awareness and intuitive powers to the wearer. In fact, many astrologers use the stone as it acts as channel for your past or alternative lives.
  • There are some healers who also use the stone to heal physical wounds. It is known to be used to fight liver and kidney diseases, it detoxifies the blood and organs, and is also regarded to stimulate brain and nerve activity. Students are advised to wear the stone as it opens the mind and guides in retaining all information, which comes in handy for exams.

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