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More About Leather Shoes

History of Leather Shoes

Many historians are still struggling to know when leather was first used to make shoes. But, in a recent discovery by American archaeologists in 2010, they found a 5,500-year-old leather shoe in a cave. It is believed that the shoe belongs to the time between the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

In the early days, shoes were only made to protect your feet from injuries and the climate. But now shoes are more specific, displays a charm of fashion and a style statement. Today, footwear is specially designed for specific customers like women's and men's shoe, sneakers, boots, running shoes and much more. The shoes in the 21st century are much more comfortable and protective.

Why Leather?

Shoes can be made with different kind of materials. So why choose leather? In recent studies, it is revealed that only leather material can survive up to 100 years without any abrasion and flaw. The leather material is also waterproof thus, it elevates the structural integrity of a shoe and makes it durable. The leather is also very robust and protects your feet against minor injuries.

Women's Online Leather Shoes at TJC

We have a wide range of genuine leather shoes for women. From knee-high boots to low-top shoes, we have everything you crave for. Our collection includes more than 100 pairs of genuine leather shoes, boots and sandals. The design of every shoe is different and makes them a style statement. These exquisitely designed leather shoes can be paired with various outfits for a fashionable appearance. These leather shoes online are the best option for a party or formal look.

Each shoe has a cushioned footbed to reduce impact pressure while walking or running and keeps your feet at ease all day long. The waterproof genuine leather material helps prevent the water from seeping inside these shoes and always maintain a pristine finish. The trendy knee-high shaft design allows these boots to stand out alone from the crowd.

They also feature a durable and lightweight outsole. The outsole is designed to keep your feet balanced while walking on slippery surfaces.

Why Choose TJC?

Shopping for the best pair of leather shoes in UK is done best when it is done with TJC! We here offer you the best selection in the market. Your choice is our first priority. Every product here undergoes careful quality examination to bring you only the best experience. Explore our incredible collection and shop your perfect style. Get, set, go!

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