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Welcome to our collection of luxurious cashmere wool clothing, and find you’re new go-to piece from our exclusive collection and get winter ready. This is one of the most luxurious yarns in our range, and you will surely fall in love with this soft, light, warm feel blended with pure cashmere fabric. READ MORE





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More About Cashmere Wool Clothing

Looking for a blended cashmere scarf or poncho? No worries, you can rely on us, a stunning piece of clothing that will have you covered all day long whether you are out for a special occasion or just popping in for shopping. Our cashmere collection will always have you covered; you can discover the beauty and warmth of the stunning fabric here at the TJC.

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Taking you a step closure to what cashmere wool is all about. It comes from goats and is softer than sheep’s wool. This is one of the most demanded and luxurious wool of all; it takes at least two goats to make one two-ply cashmere sweater; on the other hand, we only need one sheep to make four or five conventional wool sweaters.

Cashmere wool is softer, warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool and has a higher loft with luxurious fabrics giving a silky feel. Draping a beautiful cashmere scarf or shawl imparts an elegant and fashionable look.

As you all know, jumpers, sweaters, scarves or ponchos are wardrobe staple that offers a modern woman a new way to style her outfits. Cashmere wool clothing is most loved during the winter; it will provide a comforting boost of warmth, softness and cosiness. It’s that time of the year when we find ourselves shopping for cashmere sweaters and cardigans. Get yourself something for all year round with our curated list of items found only at the TJC.

Discover Cashmere Wool Clothing Only at the TJC

Cover yourself in pure and exotic cashmere scarves this winter season. It is stunningly soft to the touch and perfect for wearing with cashmere jumpers; sweaters are for those chilly winter days. Our exclusive collection has the most liked and loved cashmere wraps and ponchos designed for you, beautiful women. We have the finest yarn, solid colours and fine quality to upgrade your wardrobe collection.

Well, now is the time to enrich your knitwear collection. You can turn to our collection and range of women’s clothing in pastel shades and versatile hues. The relaxed fit ponchos with a v-neck offer a unique look when paired with jeans and boots. You can adorn the scarf with a long coat or sweater to complete the look of your outfit and stand out from the crowd.

Everyone loves cashmere because it is luxurious and gives an experience that you’ll relish sharing. There are many other reasons to choose these premium, refined, rare-quality scarves and ponchos for your current winter wardrobe collection. It is softer, warmer and more comfortable than any other wool; it has that richness and shine when adorned and is more robust, long-lasting and durable than any different woollen fabric. Shop from our curated list of products and enjoy this winter with TJC’s cashmere wool collection.