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More About Lingerie & Shapewear

Women always root for comfort & breathability when they choose lingerie or shape wear. Given this, TJC offers innovatively designed shapewear and lingerie, made from the finest material - light & durable. The best shapewear is one that covers core areas like thigs, butt, tummy etc, and easily blends with a variety of apparels. We ensure that every product you buy from TJC caters to your unique requirements, our online collection offers amazing pieces at accessible prices.

TJC Collection of Lingerie and Shapewear

If you are looking for designer lingerie in the finest material, shop with us. We also offer innovatively made shapewear that doesn’t feel too constricting, ensures utmost comfort and focuses on the core areas. Some of our products features revolutionary designs that improve body posture and relieve back pain. We have a plethora of options to choose from here in the online collection of lingerie and shapewear in UK.

Lingerie Collection: Feel light & comfy

The right fit can make a big difference. Here at TJC, we provide beautiful feminine bras and lingerie online crafted from a breathable material like bamboo fibres and you can easily get the correct size. We ensure comfort, breathability and a design that easy to match with an array of outfits. Wire bras or hook bras may feel uncomfortable, given this, we offer wire free bras, push-up bras and hook free bras. Its revolutionary design ensures correct posture, comfort and no bulging. You get all these features in a single product.

Shapewear Collection: Look and feel your best

Shapers perform mini miracles on body with their amazing design. It is an amazing clothing accessory that reduces the appearance of cellulite on body, common around waist, butt and thighs. If you are looking for a perfectly size shaper wear, explore our online collection of shapewears in UK. We offer innovative designs like diagonal, flat and point compressions, effectively relives back pain and make you feel perfect in your skin. You get the best shapewear made from breathable material.

What we offer?

  • Finest quality lingerie and shapewear
  • Feels light & breathable
  • Effectively reduces cellulite visibility
  • Innovative design for the perfect look of your choice
  • Lends back support with the revolutionary design

Why Choose TJC?

Lingerie and shapewear are an essential part of a woman’s clothing, it must be of excellent quality. Whether you are looking for a daily wear apparel or something special, we focus on delivering designs that can be worn for a longer period of time. From bras to shapewear, every piece is professionally designed in the finest material. Affordability is another reason to shop with us. Our prices are reasonable and easily accessible. We make sure that every product is of highest quality and satisfies our customers. You get the right fit, light material and versatile apparels, all in our online Lingerie and shapewear collection.