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More about Hats and Gloves

Escape the flashes of hot summer Sun and also the brave the chilling frosts, all when you have the perfect set. The perfect essentials for all seasons of the year, these have been designed keeping in mind the versatility of uses. The touch of popular style in them is just an added bonus. With easy styling, they can add on to your ensemble, too, in just the most wonderful manner. Whether hued in solid, neutral, and professional tones or charmed with peppy, fun-filled patterns, there’s a lot of variety in these.

The secret of looking good and still keeping comfortable has been perfectly set in our designs of both gloves and hats. Designed for timelessness, these are here to reign the trends and stay on top of the bestsellers. Find a popular and wide collection below that TJC has to offer.

Our Collection of Hats and Gloves

Be it for men or women’s hats and gloves, we’ve got it all in store. Our impressively assorted selection brings you all that you had ever wished for – timeless styles with cosy comfort. Our beautiful range offers several hues for the several different occasions and preference; all you have to do is come and look.


For the summery hot and bright days or the chilly, frosty days, there’s a hat made for every different situation. Made from wool or crafted from paper-material, there’s a whole beautiful range of them. Not only different designs, the women’s hat we have assorted here also offer a wide selection on different colours. Be sure to pick at least one from the enormous collection that we’re hosting, just for you.


Gloves have always had an importance than just keeping hands warm. Worn for medical reasons, for a style quotient, or even for any other tasks, their requirement is undeniable. TJC’s collection of women’s gloves offers you a beautiful range, full of all the colours from the rainbow. These winter gloves, and more, offer you all uses and requirements you’ve been seeking.

Why choose TJC?

Our store for online hats and gloves in UK brings you all that you have been looking for. Our thoughtfully put together selection brings the best designs and patterns. Spanning wide and covering all your requirements, these stunners have a lot to offer.

When shopping with TJC, also find the best pricing. We understand your budget and love working within it. Find the most affordable hats and gloves online with us and enjoy best value for each buck you spend!