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“A lot can be said about a person from their shoes” is definitely what stands true. Forming an integral part of your fashion sense, footwears are an item that complete your look in every manner. Designed in a variety and different styles to suit the functional needs as well as the fashion needs, the footwears will definitely amp up any look that you wish to don. Offering a variety from comfortable slippers, sports trainers, summer flats to winter boots, we at TJC have an impeccable variety and collection to take you from the desk to the dance floor with ease.

Discussed below are the following types of footwear that one must have in their wardrobe to be fashion ready every moment:


Serving the purpose to enhance your looks manifolds, the boots which usually were designed to keep the winter chill at bay and protect one’s feet from snow are now available with a variety of prints and designs that will take you from 0-10 with just a snap of a finger. The functional flat boots with faux fur lining and genuine leather ones are still a staple when it comes to protecting oneself from the cold.


Largely designed to serve your formal looks, shoes are designed in the form of wedge heels, court shoes or even loafers that will be your mate for formal events. While the other heel shoes can amp up your party looks. Depending on your preference you may pick a style to suit the occasion and your comfort.


A very common and preferred variety of footwear, the sandals are designed to suit your casual comfort as well as also available in designs that will be step ready for your parties and events. A sandal is defined by its strap design that holds and grips the front part of your foot. They are available in slip on patterns, slide-ins, velcro straps or even with a buckle strap fastening. Sandals for men will allow them to don them for a casual look. While women have a variety to choose from casual to party wears.


To get you sport ready or also be your casual look mate, the trainers are lace or slip on shoes with a heavy cushioning to prevent your foot from any injury upon impact of heavy physical activity. You may choose to don these when performing exercises, going for a walk or even for a casual look while you run errands. Now also available in striking colours and prints, the trainers are must have in your style wardrobe.


One of the most comfortable of all footwears are the slippers. They are your go-to footwear when you wish to seek comfort and lounge around in the comfort of your home. Easy to don with a slip-on feature, the slippers will comfort you with their faux fur design in the winters while the open foot design will let your feet breathe in the summer season.


Designed for your comfort and allowing your feet to breathe, the flats are the most comfortable and easy to don footwear when you wish to choose your comfort over style. Their flat and comfortable sole ensures that the feet of your sole are laid comfortably against it and that every step you take is a cake walk. Footwears are an essential that not just add to your style but also protect your feet in every manner. Choosing the right size as per your comfort is the ideal way, as a too tight or too loose footwear can cause foot injuries and discomfort. A right shoe will always take you many miles in life while a wrongly chosen one will be a problem with every step.