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How it works?

It is super easy to design your dream ring

Choose a perfect diamond

Choose your diamond from our stylish and modern range of gorgeous stones.

Choose Setting

Select your style and your favourite exquisite metals to bring your ring to life.

Complete Ring

Finally, select a high-quality setting to complete your ring.

Evaluate which shape of Diamond is best for you.

How to Take Care of Your Diamond

Diamonds can be as ancient as the planet itself and are one of the most intricate gems on the earth, but they still needs to be cherished and treasured to keep their radiance. Unfortunately, your diamond jewellery may come into contact with abrasive chemicals. These chemical compounds can erode or dull metal settings when worn as a perfume, washing your hands. So it's better to take off your jewellery when doing your daily chores, and you can clean your diamond with a non-abrasive jewellery cleaner.

Know more about your Diamond shapes

The diamond shape refers to the diamond's outline when viewed from the top to down. Shapes such as round, oval, princess, emerald, cushion, heart, marquise, Asscher, pear, trapeze, and baguette are examples of 'stylish shapes.' Several factors can help you choose the perfect shape for your diamond ring, such as your finger shape, the style you covet, or you can choose the style that captures your heart.

How to design your personalised Ring?

It is now time to choose your diamond from our incredible selection of exquisite stones. Choose from various diamond colours, sizes, carats, and clarity to find the perfect diamond for you. After you've decided, choose a setting and metal. To make your ring come to life, you can select from the most popular precious metals and styles that you covet. Following that, you must choose the ring size you want to order and complete your ring.