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So we have curated a page and list of products and product categories that you can explore online only at the TJC. So instead of searching the entire store, you can focus on the essential products and items which we were loved by most of the people this year.

Top Selling Products Of the Year 2022

  • Top-selling jewellery of the year 2022 – Treat yourself with something designer, fashionable and sparkling that you can flaunt every day. Whether you are getting ready for work, be it a casual outing or a day out with friends, our timeless, precious and unique range of jewellery will captivate you all year round. So the best-selling product amongst the entire jewellery collection was Spinner ring, magnetic locks, moissanite and diamond jewellery, wishbone rings, tanzanite jewellery and more. You can go for any of these pieces; trust me, you won’t regret buying them all. It can be a thoughtful gift for yourself or your loved ones that will put a smile on their faces.
  • Top-selling health and beauty products of the year 2022 – So we have everything under one roof for you to look and feel good in our range of best-selling products of health and beauty collection for this year. So, this year the best-selling products were Jojoba oil, Turmheal immunity energy booster drink, Doctor’s formula skincare kits, silicone waterproof facial cleansing brush, shoe addict envy perfume, Leighton Deny nail colours and many more. And taking care of yourself certainly is not all about looks. It would be best if you were healthy and strong from the inside too. Besides these products, we have an entire range of health and beauty categories for you to look and feel your best.
  • Top-selling Clothing and Accessories products of the year 2022 – Be season ready with our range of top-selling wardrobe essentials, be it clothing or accessories, in 2022. We have curated a list of best-selling products for clothing and accessories this year. So the most loved and sold items were Tamsy apparel, kimonos and kaftans, scarves, Tunic tops, and scoop dresses. Among the accessory categories were fur boots, tote and cross-body handbags, watches, sunglasses, trainers, and more. These are just a few names. There is a list of top-trending products for the year 2022 that’s a must-add item.
  • Top-selling Home décor, Kitchen and Garden products for the year 2022 – Home is where your heart lies, and to take care of your home, we have a list of best-selling items for the year 2022 that made this year much more special, happening and lively. So the best selling items were blankets and throws, neck and back support bath pillows, Super soft pillow covers, 3 in 1 food processor with slicer and greater, a storage organiser, wooden plates, lamps, scented candles, a water cooler and much more. So what are you waiting for now? It’s time to rush to these products and grab them before they run out of stock for this year.
  • So, these were just a handful of names, but we have a complete catalogue for you of the best-selling products of 2022. This becomes easy for you to pick the most trending items loved and liked by most people in the UK. Shop now from the TJC online store to avail some fabulous discounts, offers and deals.