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Reap the famous bath and body glory by the renowned name for that unmatchable fragrance and skin texture! Composed of sublime components and incense, the brand only delivers sheer perfection that makes you glow majestically! [Read More]

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More About Seascape - Island Apothecary

If heading to the island is a dream to you, here presenting some true extracts of it in the one and only Seascape- Island Apothecary. It is a holistic body and bath brand that has some oh-so-amazing skin essentials for impeccable rejuvenation like you would do during that island vacation.

TJC presenting a brilliance of the brand with ingenious ingredients that have proved to be miraculous. The award-winning products are all things incredible to set their magic and revive self.

On the beautiful isle of Jersey, it's all where the magic happens. From the cleanest beaches, clearer waters and the mildest climates are extracted the most magical ingredients for curating the products inspired by Island life. The tranquillity of island and the freshness induces to make some magical potions. Each range boasts of unique, hand-blended and natural essential oils proving the therapeutic benefits and topping the personal care and well-being.

The products of Seascape Island Apothecary are a must have for spring and summer indulgence treating you in the most reviving way. The award-winning Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Sleep Oil is a dream to have. With the ample of ingredients induced, it promises a sleep of your dreams. For the complete hand nourishment Seascape hand wash, hand and nail cream and perfectly refreshing hand lotion are just brilliant to incorporate into your beauty regime.

Not to forget, Seascape Island Apothecary Soothe Body Mist evokes some of the most undiscovered notes making way for an imperative indulgence. The body wash from the same brand is a hands-on rejuvenating experience.

TJC is willing to unleash the most promising products on this one platform that let your beauty, jewel, and style needs get satiated. Undoubtedly to experience the reawakening substance of these products, you have to give it a try all available at TJC.

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