More About Hand Care

Hands play a vital role in our life. We do everything using our hands, like for expressing ourselves, showing affection and those numerous daily chores. Our hands are an important tool that we need to take special care. Hence, TJC brings you a luxe hand care range featuring an array of products ranging from hand wash, hand cream and sanitizer. The range has been curated for providing special care to the most important part of body. To provide the best, we have collaborated with high end brands.

TJC’s collection of Hand care

Your hands are an essential part of your body. Whether shake hands, make a friendly gesture or doing household chores, your hands need special care. It’s important that your hands feel soft, soothing and hydrated. Taking care of hands is important as it is one of the most usable tools in our body that we use for everything. Hence, proper moisturising and hydration are vital. We are offering some amazing hand care essentials like hand cream and washes that you must add to your daily regime.

Hand Moisturisers and Creams

We moisturiser our face daily, why not do the same for your hands? Apart from daily chores, your hands are exposed to Sun rays, water, chemicals and severe temperatures, which causes dryness, discolouration and tanning. Go for a quick absorbing moisturiser for hands as the skin on the top of your hands is thinner and has less sebaceous glands, which means that it becomes dry quickly. Remember that palms produce sweat, hence, always go for a quick-absorbing moisturiser like hand cream by Deep See Magik, containing a formula that decreases activity of sweating glands and is long lasting. Proper hand care in UK, especially, is needful, given the constant cold drifts of the season!

Hand Washes and Sanitizers

You find germs wherever you go. It is vital that you wash hands frequently to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. A good handwash leave your skin soft and feels gentle. We are featuring TJC’s lavender hand wash that hydrates your skin while cleans it properly. It is featuring non-allergic ingredients for effective application. We are also offering hand sanitizer that effectively works in removing the germs. Washing hand is not enough as you are contacting germs every second, washing your hands with a good quality sanitizer is a brilliant idea.

Why Chose TJC?

We give you more than one reason to shop with us. In the TJC’s online hand care collection, we are offering finest quality, high end brands, and new variants that embrace your curiosity. We are always researching and experimenting; hence, we provide you only the best. Since, people have become more specific about their beauty regime, a new range such as hand care is the need of hour. We are glad to be specific towards our customer’s preferences and strive to provide best possible bargains all the products. Enjoy shopping!