More About Bath & shower

You deserve a good quality time with yourself, what can be better than a long relaxing bath? Treat yourself with TJC’s amazing bath & shower collection offering you incredible body washes, body lotion and scrubs to improve your skin care regime. Choosing right skincare can be tricky with the numerous options to explore. Hence, knowing your skin type is important, that suits your needs and skin.

TJC brings you an impressive bath & shower range featuring exfoliator, shower gel, body scrub, soaps and many more to add to your daily regime. It nourishes your skin, induces hydration levels and some of the products also contain anti-ageing properties as well. Elevate your bathing experience with TJC’s collection.

TJC’s Bath & Shower Collection

A healthy skin is an outcome of a good skincare regime, which involves products that suit your needs and skin type. You might be not a skin care junkie, but we all have some preferences when it comes to choosing the right bath and shower products. Keeping in mind such unique preferences, we bring you a luxurious range offering a variety of body wash, scrubs and lotions. We have collaborated with high end brands for giving you only the best.

TJC makes sure that the most visible part of the body, your skin, should glow beautifully and look healthy. Thus, we are offering a wide range in the best skin care products for attaining an impeccable skin texture you had always wished.

Bath & shower

Enjoy a spa like experience at the comfort of home with luxe body washes and scrubs. TJC brings you amazing products involving sets of cleanser and exfoliator. For maintaining a PH balance in the skin, high grade quality is required, hence, we have collaborated with brands like Cougar, Foamie and many more to provide you the finest quality. Suitable for most skin types, our range caters to all!

Beauty treatments

Keep your skin hydrated and glowing with amazing nourishing and moisturizing body lotion and oils. Containing natural ingredients that not only increase hydration levels, these also make you look stunning. The collection here is also offering bath oils like Argan bath and shower oil by Douvalls. You can choose to present these delights to your loved ones as a gift.

Gift collection

Delight your loved ones with the perfect gifts. If you are seeking top grade quality body and shower gifts, then look no further than our collection. There is a whole treat lined up for you, offering high end brands like Cougar. You will find luxe bath & shower range involving body scrubs, soaps, Argan bath oils and many more.

Why choose TJC?

We strive to deliver joy directly to our customers. We create beautiful and high-quality designs and products that are accessible to all. Our beauty products are manufactured by high end brands, containing natural ingredients for the effective results. Come, explore TJC’s bath & shower collection in UK featuring interesting gifts collection.